Friday, February 29, 2008

Lunch isn't what it used to be

In the weeks BW (before walking) I could meet with my baby-friends and enjoy a leisurely lunch every now and then. We'd kick back over singular glasses of wines and discuss pureed food, sleeping habits and how to deal with work/baby issues.

But this week - and you're going to like this one - L'il lovely is walking. Not sure if you'll have heard of the expression... but I 'didn't know I was born'.

After releasing her from the high chair, I was no longer able to take two consecutive mouthfuls of food or listen (let alone join in) the conversation.

My friends' boys have been walking for a while, but somehow they seem to ignore the potential/actual mayhem going on around them. They are also very convincing in not appearing to notice me vaulting over buggies to make sure L'il Lovely doesn't fall off furniture, down steps, get in the way of waiting staff and so on. I know bumps and bruises are inevitable - but I don't want her to be hurt unnecessarily.

So perhaps I'm being over protective. Hopefully once L'il Lovely is a bit steadier and less staggering, I can get back into the conversation - even though we might not be able to spend so long over lunch.

And of course, she's going to listen to me when I tell her play nicely, do some drawing and not to run around... isn't she?


Amanda said...

Congratulations on the walking! What do they say, "you can't wait for them to start and then you wish they never had..." I think we kept my oldest (Jonathon) in a highchair until he was 3. Seriously. Everything is so different with your first. They do have to figure things out on their own, though. They like to test everything out. After a while the newness will wear off and she won't get into as many (seemingly) precarious situations.

Amanda said...

I miss the translator...

Reluctant Housewife said...

I know! When Buddy was little I'd smugly think to myself: "Motherhood hasn't changed my habits all that much. I can still go out. I still keep the house clean. I didn't have to change all that much." Then he started walking. Rude awakening for me.... 5 years later & I'm still recovering. Oh well, at least they're cute, right?

Sass E-mum said...

The translator is back.

You are quite right, RW. She's very cute - but I can see how smug I was.

I need to develop a new game plan for dealing with days out.