Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reusable nappies... you know you want to

For anyone considering using reusable nappies (diapers), I have to say I recommend it - especially the pre-shaped nappies. I used bamboozles with aplix (like velcro) fastenings in small and medium up until L'il Lovely was 11 months old, and then swopped over to Mother-ease nappies. These were sold in a local baby shop (Baby Ark) and also had popper fastenings - which L'il Lovely can't undo. My daughter has only experienced nappy rash when using disposables. I do use disposable nappies for nightime, but overall I think reusables look a whole lot cuter and give a baby a lovely round butt.

A few other benefits include;
  • They work. Shaped nappies stay on and use flexible velcro or popper fastenings allowing for plenty of growth. Additional liners can be snapped on to motherease nappies (and other makes) and can handle quite a lot of liquid. Using flushable liners between the nappy and skin, wicks moisture away from the skin while the natural fibres allow air to circulate, hence less risk of nappy rash.

  • Less impact on the environment from the production of reusables compared to disposables. Bamboozle nappies made by Totbots are made from bamboo, one of the fastest renewable sources in the world.

  • It's possible to reduce the environmental impact of washing and drying reusables. Pre-rinse any of the real nasties off the nappy as soon as possible (a good shake down a flushing toilet usually does the trick) and then nappies can be washed at 30 degrees along with other clothes - making up a full washing load. Air dry when ever possible, however a tumble dryer will keep the fibres softer - so use a low temperature setting.

  • They don't stain. Incredible isn't it. Although if you are nervous of stains, Totbots do sell nappies in a particularly vivid shade of orange...

  • A few drops of tea tree oil in a lidded bucket will tackle any nasty smells while you wait to generate enough washing for a full load.

  • In theory, babies using reusable nappies are quicker to potty train. They know when they are wet and understand how much better it is to be dry.

  • Everything you need is availble on-line. In the UK, it seems only Waitrose stocks reusable Mother-ease nappies and flushable liners on a regular basis. Boots do some great liners in some stores - these are washable (fine when just wet but not when covered in stinky stuff) but aren't said to be flushable.


Siobhan said...

Agree, all is good about reusable nappies. And how wonderful to no longer have stinky bins all around the house. Have you also heard of those made by Sweet Lili/La ptite prairie? They are all in one, no plastic outer knicker required, are incredibly light, so gorgeously coloured/patterned that you don't want to dress the baby and dry really quickly on the line. Don't know if they're available in UK but check out website:

Sass E-mum said...

I'd not seen those before - they are beautiful!

Looks like I'll be shopping... though with my French, who knows what I'll end up buying.