Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stokke Care - changing station

One of my concerns about having a baby was screwing up my back. I'm 5ft 9 - I really didn't want to find myself kneeling on the floor changing L'il Lovely's nappy or crouching over a changing station that's just too low.

17 months on and I'm still really pleased to have this changing station. It's very deep, so L'il Lovely can lie down in front of me - far easier than changing her from the side.

Like all babies, she can wriggle. But because the changing table is at the right height, I feel far more in control and able to deal with her writhing about.

With very deep shelves underneath, I'm still able to stash stuff out of her reach at the back of a shelf. The whole thing is on wheels - so whenever I take it into my head to rearrange her room, it's really easy. (What does it mean if you love rearranging furniture - constantly striving for the perfect arrangement... after all, I'm no good at crafts, so is this my creative outlet?)

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