Thursday, February 28, 2008

Totseat - the portable high chair

I'm going to start a review section of all the baby gear that has worked - and some that haven't.

To kick off - I present to you, the Totseat. £22 if you are buying in the UK. Their website gives details of international suppliers.

It's a genius lightweight, portable high chair. Especially good for pokey restaurants and cafes and a tactful way of avoiding grotty, dirty or just plain broken highchairs that some places are so thoughtful to provide.

I keep this in the bottom of the pram. It goes everywhere with me and has been borrowed by a number of friends for holidays and emergencies. Despite appearances, it doesn't turn all babies into beer-crazed fiends.

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Working mum said...

I loved Blooming Marvellous's 'Handbag Highchair'. Made of one piece of material, it fits in your handbag and securely holds baby to an ordinary dining chair. Caused a few double takes in cafes when our baby was sitting on a dining chair!

Great blog! Reminds me of the early days of motherhood which are so easily forgotten.........