Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another route to creativity

I wanted to share this photo with you.
Check out that furrowed brow. You really wouldn't want to see me get cross, would you? 

This is me trying to teach myself to crochet. It was a couple of months before Ellie was born and I wanted to be able to make things for her.

I made a really rubbish scarf. Crochet really isn't 'easy' and if you can do it - I hope you are very proud of yourself!

Fortunately, any concerns for my lack of creativity (mostly) fell away when I had Ellie. I remember looking at her when she was a week or two old and thinking, 'this is why there aren't many female composers, chess grandmasters or major artists - this is the most brilliant, creative ''thing" I have ever "done".'

Now my creative concerns have more to do with taking photos of special moments. Like these shoes. 
Ellie is close to growing out of these and I felt compelled to take a photo to remember how cute the shoes are. I know I can keep the shoes - but I want to remember her funny pink socks in them as well. Incidentally, Ellie has a lovely swishy way of whispering 'shoes'.

I also love that 'O' of wonder I see on her face every now and then. Like seeing our friends' ducks and chickens up close.

I get such a kick out of seeing her enjoy everything the world's got to offer. So my creativity is more focussed on finding opportunities to do some simple fun stuff.

And to make sure she needn't get to upset along the way, we now have a total of six pink ducks. Friends keep buying us extras of her favourite cuddly. Here's four of them looking suitably 'distressed'. Not sure distressing ducks can be classed as creative, but I'm spending plenty of thinking-time working out how best to schedule their rotation...


SaraLynn said...

cute little ducks!
Isn't it fun watching them discover their world?

jakelliesmom said...

I don't think there is only one path to creativity in the least - and it changes as they age. I'm never going to be the mom who scrapbooks every moment, but I will certainly keep writing the best stories down.

Amanda said...

After that shot of you, I'm believing more and more that the 'voice of authority' really does do the trick.

Working mum said...

We're all missing the point - how has she kept the white shoes so white?!

I'm with you on the shoes front - I've kept daughter's first pair for posterity - once stayed in a B&B where the owner's children's baby shoes were displayed on the bedroom fireplace hearth - so cute!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Cute post. I love the shoes. It was nice to see some pictures of you - put a face to the blog lady.

Oh... Yes. Working mom make a good point. How do you keep the white shoes to white?

SaraLynn said...

Hi! I have tagged you for a meme. Please see my blog for details:

Sass E-mum said...

There are two ways to keep shoes white.

The first is to give the shoes a wipe every now and then and give them a swish of white polish.

The second - and this is the real plum - is to have a child who doesn't walk till she's 17 months old. And if she's a bottom bouncer, you are really on the money - barely a scuff.

She loves her shoes and boots. Sometimes she stays up late - when we are staying over at friends and she doesn't want to go to sleep - so to keep her sweet we let her wear her wellingtons boots. (is it true americanees and canadia people call them rubber boots). Keeps her happy for ages.

Beth said...

I read an interview with someone who said that she wrote lots of funny stories down about her kids over the ages and I suddenly felt really paniced that I haven't been doing that. But I think like jakelliesmom says that there are different ways to creativity.

I just had a major struggle making an easter bonnet - and have felt depressed that this is the first of many crap and badly made things I have to foist on my sprog!