Monday, March 10, 2008

Blog update

There have been a couple of not so obvious changes to my blog and I think I should publicise these - in the hope that I have blog-stalkers who've not yet declared themselves.

The first is that I've opened up comments to anyone, anonymous and all. Comments are the life blood of good blogs - and have been the main way in which I've met other bloggers. I believe comments are a 'good thing'. In the event that I discover they can be a 'bad thing' I shall delete them from my blog forthwith!

If anyone thinks a post or a comment is offensive. Let me know. I'll play judge.

The second change is - ah well, there's no second change - but if you want me to post on something (ie. if you want MY opinion) say so and I'll get around to it. 

So in the spirit of responding to questions... let's hear it for Amanda! Sheeee wants to know if my husband, AKA Ricarro is in fact latino and therefore gorgeously handsome.

Well. No and yet strangely, yes. He's not latino. He is, of course, gorgeously handsome, funny, charming and sophisticated (apart from when he plays golf twice a week). His blog name is only a reference to the creed he lives by - 'I'm a lover not a fighter'. He has other beliefs and values that I look forward to sharing with you one day - but let's not use all my blog ideas up in one post.


Don Mills Diva said...

I have always left the comments open on my blog - I figure I don;t want to discourage anyone...if I get a crazy I might change my mind!

Sass E-mum said...

Woohoo. Great to hear from you Don Mills Diva. I've been reading your blog having spotted it on the Reluctant Housewife's list.

I'm still working out the settings and had only just spotted how narrow they were. My current project is to find out how to change the text on the comments counter.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Had to comment on the post about the comments. Mine are open, but I moderate them.

Amanda said...

Thank you for answering my burning yet, totally superficial need to know about your husband.
I can't believe don mills diva commented on your blog. She is like a total celebrity. Way to Go!!!

Working mum said...

I allow anyone to comment, but moderate them. I did get one vitriolic rant from "anonymous" which I didn't publish, but it didn't bother me as I thought they'd missed the point of my blog and were probably having a bad day.