Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's all about meme

Blogging has been a revelation. I had no idea there were so many people writing on-line. It feels like stepping into this mobile, shifting community of thoughts and opinions.

Excitingly, the Reluctant Housewife has tagged me for a meme. She's lovely, you should go visit her if you haven't already. I like to imagine bloggers gravitate towards people they like and share common values with - it's not just about common interests. Check out my strangely inspired list of favourite blogs.

Anyhoo, in response to RW, here are five facts about me:

1. I love to travel. As soon as I finished my A levels (aged 18), I went on very long holidays with friends. I spent 10 weeks in India, 4 weeks in western Turkey, 2 months in western Europe. After university, I was desparate to travel but despaired of saving the cash. So I put on my friendliest, bubbliest manner and became an air hostess with Gulf Air. I lived in Bahrain for 11 months and enjoyed stopovers in Sydney, Melbourne, Tanzania, Thailand, India, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Paris and Athens. Since I quit stewardessing (aged 22) my travels haven't been quite so exotic, though I've managed to go to Egypt, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, France, Greece, Sicily (honeymoon), Scotland and Wales. The Ellie-effect is that we are exploring places a little closer to home... this weekend we are visiting Ricarro's goddaughter in Cornwall. We are hoping for good weather. Ha ha.

2. Did you notice the travel omission? I still haven't been to the Americas. At all. I just can't decide where to begin. Options under consideration include - west coast glamour of San Diego and San Francisco - New England for lobsters and history (yes yes, I know other places have history too) - Florida for hemingway, everglades and NASA - cowboy desert adventures - cowboy rockies adventures - Wickininnish Inn for whale watching - New York (of course) - Seattle to see my cousin and his English pub. Where do you think I should go first?

3. I can't bake cakes. I can rustle up fabulous dinners and can make even simple meals look good. I can bake apple pies, quiches, banana loaf. I can make fudge and creme brulee. Even my omelettes and tortillas are pretty fantastic. Cake defeats me. It always comes out heavy, dense and inedible. It's such a shame because I love the stuff. Happily, I have Ricarro can step in to fill the skills gap.

4. I love reading. Anything and everything. If there's a new book or a newspaper in the house, I can't rest till I've read it. Once I took 11 books on a one-week holiday and still had to borrow more from the hotel library. My reading habit drives Ricarro nuts, however post-Ellie I am inevitably reading A LOT LESS.

5. I love it when people think I'm smart. It's a very egotistical character trait. It gives me a buzz when people think I've nailed a problem and seen a solution others can't. I love pub quizzes, especially for the politics and history questions. (I have a BA Hons in politics and love political philosophy... eek, nerd alert!) This is all very well... but it gets worse. Because I can't bear leaving a question unanswered I find it hard to resist making up answers to the stuff I don't know. I can be very convincing. Shockingly, I am learning from experience that I can - sometimes - be wrong. It's proving to be a very tough lesson to learn.


Amanda said...

I'm so impressed, yet very green with envy, by all of the places you have been. What a regular world traveller you are. I think in my other life I was supposed to be a flight attendant. That sounds so great to be able to see so much of the world.

Also, I obviously think you should start your US trips with Georgia. We have Okefenokee Swamp, Atlanta and Stone Mountain, lots of trailer parks, and then there is always our local National Park, Fort Frederica. We could do lunch. It would be fabulous. Or not. Florida is probably a much better place to visit than Georgia.(except the lunch with me of course, you won't get that in Florida)

Beth said...

San Francisco is fab I think.

I was born in New England and there are many lovely bits of this land. NYC of course. Maine is lovely - the coastal road is beatiful and the people very warm.

My family moved to Nova Scotia and I think this is a great summer (not winter!) destination. It is a very easy flight - 5.5 hours direct. Halifax is a charming city - very baby/child friendly. You can go whale watching there as well.

Sass E-mum said...

I think I'm going to have to add these ideas to my list and discuss with Ricarro.

I've taken a look at Okefenokee Swamp. It's important to be able to pronounce the name of places you are going to... I'll have to work on that one. And of course, I've seen Amanda's Fort Frederica dress-up photos. Much fun.

I always thought Halifax sounded tough - so it's intriguing to consider Nova Scotia. Perhaps I could mix it up with a stopover in Iceland?

SaraLynn said...

i loved reading more abuot you!
NYC is a must. Seattle sounds fun, I have never been there, but would like to go! California is fun too.
I love to read and is partly why I am addicted to the blogging world. I love reading abut people, their lives and opinions.
Texas, in the Panhandle anyway, is flat and beautiful. I really miss that. Where I live has very beautiful trees. Everywhere. I miss being able to see for miles where there are no surprises. That's weird isn't it?

Reluctant Housewife said...

Thanks for doing my meme. Very interesting answers. I've been to Iceland too - loved it. I have yet to visit most of the other places on your list. I've been to Spain, France, England (guess you been there too), and various US destinations. I wouldn't start with Florida when you visit "the Americas". And don't forget Canada. We're pretty cool too (and underrated if you ask me). I recommend Banff (although I haven't been myself), Montreal & The Gaspesie, and something coastal - either Victoria or The Maritimes (I'm from the Maritimes so I'm partial to the East).

Sass E-mum said...

Don't worry Reluctant. I had Canadia covered - the Wickkininnish Inn. Phew. Didn't want to offend.