Thursday, March 27, 2008

The ease of overdosing under twos

Six cough medicines are being permanently removed from the shelves in the UK:

They are Asda children's chesty cough syrup, Calcough chesty and Boots chesty cough syrup one year plus.

Also, Children's chesty cough and Boots sore throat and cough linctus one year plus and Buttercup infant cough syrup.

Parents are being urged to stick to paracetamol and ibuprofen medicines, vapour rubs and simple cough syrup such as glycerol, honey or lemon.

The problem is that the packaging doesn't give clear enough guidance on the correct dosage for under twos. Apparently this is less of a problem in the US, where packaging has already been improved for this type of product.


Beth said...

oh dear - no more dosing them up with Medi-ease then!

I have to say I'm very cynical about this - what are the stats then? How many under 2's have od'd on cough syrup?

I think it's another conspricy to keep over-tired mums up with a coughing crying baby rather then help them off to sleep!

CC said...

It's not that easy here either. But the doctor will often tell me to take the 5 year old dosage and cut it in half. Luckily, the kids' doctor is also a relative so we can call him at home to ask these questions ;)

Sass E-mum said...

Worryingly, the article says 'There have been five deaths in children under two since 1981 where cough and cold medicines may have been a factor, according to the MHRA.'

Annoyingly, they don't say what constituted an overdose.