Friday, March 28, 2008

HAIKU! Bless you.

The ever-resourceful Reluctant Housewife has put out a haiku challenge.

SaraLynn at Love and marriage has been quick off the mark with her response. She's also taken a moment to consider how to write a haiku.

Unlike me, she didn't throw herself at the challenge without thinking, 'say, is there anything more I could learn about this first. This way I could do it right and know a bit more than when I started.'

Well there you have it. One fine example of how tell me and SaraLynn apart.

I've now read up on haikus. Developing a willingness to learn from other people is another important life skill, after all. Thank you SaraLynn for showing me the way.

So now, a haiku about my life:

Seeking laughter I
wed Ricarro - seaside
home with Ellie-belle.

I like to think this sums up how every weekend is a holiday, that having fun is a driving force in our marriage, living by the sea gives year round pleasure and our lovely town is a great place to bring up sunny-natured, Ellie-belle.

Any other takers for haiku challenge?


Reluctant Housewife said...

Very poetic!

Seaside home - nice. I've live near the sea for most of my life, but my home has never been seaside... I'm the wee-ist bit jealous.

jakelliesmom said...

I love your haiku. I wrote one once, and only for my blog:

Yours is better. : )

SaraLynn said...

lol....thanks for the shout my way;) you are so funny!
I love your poem, it is terrific!