Saturday, March 29, 2008

Having a Swale time

This weekend's adventure was to Oare Marshes. Once the site of a WW2 ammunition factory, it's now a nature reserve. It's a remote-ish site on the north Kent coast which overlooks the Swale - a stretch of the Thames Estuary between Kent and the Isle of Sheppey.

Apart from a few concrete blocks, there's little left to signify its WW2 use. Now it's a low-lying, marshy, green area. Lots of wading birds, ducks and occasional swans.

Today we spotted avocets on the foreshore. A couple of egrets flew over the marshes; once mostly known as birds featuring in Egyptian hieroglyphics, these are frequently found around the UK coastline. Out in the Swale, we could just about distinguish the zany crests of three red-breasted mergansers.

We walked along the sea wall to a bird hide. Ellie was supposed to tuck into her pain au chocolate, a Saturday treat, but it turns out she's like her mum and dad and can't resist dunking chipolatas in ketchup. Luckily for us she didn't try and take our very runny boiled eggs.

Ellie hitched a ride in the baby-carrier to get back to the car. Walking into the wind would be too much even for our tough cookie.

She fell asleep on the way home and missed out on farm shop fun. Here's a photo of an asparagus field - I'm looking forward to asparagus season and taking a photo of this later in the year when it starts to look bristly with spears. 

Ellie didn't get to see the car being attacked by a noisy honking goose. Not the best photo perhaps, but you get the  picture.
At home, I thought she'd only sleep another 20 minutes, so I waited with her. Two hours later after we both had a lovely nap, we went into the house for some more rampaging about in her favourite wellingtons.

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SaraLynn said...

Looks like fun! Honking! Ellie is too cute.