Monday, March 24, 2008

It's not all about meme

Working Mum tagged me for a meme. Thank you!

There have been a few of these around just lately. I put it down to the continuing inspiration and excitement of the 5 minutes for mum blog party.

I've been struggling for seven unusual (and somehow funny or interesting) facts. I ran dry after the fact that my little finger is crooked because of injury while playing second row in my university's womens rugby 'B' team. 

As injuries go, I am only too aware how pathetic that one is, but I like to think it makes me sound very robust when I explain how pleased I was when a paramedic on the opposition team relocated my dislocated finger so that I could finish the game.

Since I've recently talked up Ricarro, I feel a need to redress the balance. I thought it would be a good idea to slightly alter the terms of the meme and make it about seven good, bad and ugly things about this man in my life;

1. He thinks its important to buy flowers for the house and regularly buys gerberas for our pod pots and the tall glass vase by the TV.

2. He enjoys cooking and will clean up after himself (eventually. if I ignore the mess for long enough). Yet somehow he has to leave the worktops soaking wet with suds everywhere. I don't get this - because he bothers to buy flowers for the kitchen, yet doesn't think to leave it tidy and dry??

Here's a few photos of recent kitchen purchases (salt cellar, giant butter dish and sieves) that are currently making him happy;

3. He thinks it's funny to scratch me in bed with his toes. Especially when his toenails need to be cut. Troll toes, yuk.

I'm not going to show you a picture of his toes. No matter how much you beg.

4. He doesn't listen when I'm letting him know when my mum is coming to town. He insists I haven't told him when we are going out to dinner with mum - even if I've told him three times. I had to tell him three times because although his eyes were open and he was looking directly at me, I knew he wasn't listening.

5. He thinks No.4 is hilarious. 

6. He doesn't think a man should ever look in a lady's handbag and he always walks on the outside of the pavement when he's walking with a woman.

7. He doesn't always buy women drinks when he's in the pub; only pretty ones.

To continue altering the meme, I'm not going to pass this on directly. Instead - I'd be very happy if each person who reads this would send the meme about 'a man in your life' to another blogger. Or you might just want to save the idea and use it yourself whenever you like.


Amanda said...

The one about his feet was so gross. But, my husband does the same thing and I get so mad at him. How funny. I'll use your idea to do my meme from working mum as well and link you in it. Sounds great.

SaraLynn said...

lol...troll toes

my husband acts like he hasn;t hear me say stuff about visiting relatives as well...that is funny!