Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life lessons from celebrity mums

Ever wondered how you'd make it as a celebrity mum? I expect I'd have to learn very weird make-up tips like how to wear false eyelashes on a daily basis - surely this is a step too far for any normal mother. If you are a false eyelash wearing mother, please tell me. I'm fascinated to know 

a) why you bother?
b) how long you spend on make up every day?
c) how you find time to blog as well?

The reality is that somethings will be true for us all. You could still find yourself stepping out with a cartoon character. As our Vicky shows, no matter how much va va voom you can muster on your own account, you will be outdone by your off spring's preferred get up. It happens to Vicky B, it happens to Working Mum.

Those meltdown moments of forgotten essentials, embarrassing faux pas, PMS or public displays of temper tantrums all fail to compare to the humiliation Heather Mills has to deal with. The legal judgment on her divorce settlement was made public and like her or loathe her, she has to find a way of eating humble pie while showing her daughter that it's important to keep your head up and remember your finer, stronger, better qualities.

If there's one thing she has to teach her daughter - it's how to deal with other people thinking they know all about you. 

Most research appears to show that parenting is easier if there's two of you working together. But what if you are Katie Holmes and your other half is a sofa jumping, Tom 'It's a blast' Cruise.

I hope Katie is the mum who will one day write the book on how to keep it real for her daughter and make her man feel like a god (not sure the second part of this is really a good idea) - while all the time wearing 4 inch heels.

Phew, what a relief I didn't marry my teenage, film star crush. Not that it was a near miss or anything. 


SaraLynn said...

I really enoyed this post. I cannot imagine being in a high profile relationship like the ones you mentioned or being a parent in such limelight.

Don Mills Diva said...

I don't think I'd make it as a celebrity mother - expect maybe if I got to sleep with David Beckham - then I would give it a shot!

Sass E-mum said...

LOL. that might be worth most kinds of falsies.

Working mum said...

Wow, mentioned in the same sentence as VB! Actually I ran into her in M&S in Handforth once, she was posing about near the till wanting people to recognise her whilst the good women of Wilmslow just wanted to pay for their knickers!