Friday, March 21, 2008

Maternal desire

I've just got time for a short post. I'm off on a family day to Canterbury Cathedral and lunch at my favourite, family-friendly pub. The Abode Tavern feeds under 5s for free - and it's real food too. What a bargain.

This is to tell you about 'Maternal Desire' by Daphne du Marneffe.

The book has been next to my bed for about two years now. While I was pregnant I found this book to be the most useful in helping me think about the type of mum I wanted to be.

There's no single best way to be a mother. What I liked about this book is the way it placed the desire to mother, nuture, and care for a child right alongside a clear sense of self.

Since having Ellie, I've continued to find it helpful in the way is discusses the role of fathers. When she discusses dealing with boredom and frustration, I don't feel she's saying there's a right way to deal with these things but she does encourage taking time to consider what drives and causes these feelings.

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Beth said...

Thanks for information about this book - I think I'll order it from Amazon. I'm starting a training course to become a postnatal teacher and all these books will be really useful for me.