Friday, March 7, 2008

No fear of a duckless future

No. There's no typo in that heading, but I'll come back to that in a moment. But first, let me say that on Fridays in particular, I am filled with admiration for professional mothers. (Professional mothers: the ones that do the job full-time with no social breaks for paid work etc).

Fridays are very odd days for me. After four days of being organised, planning meals, washing clothes and getting out of the house by 8am - or even 6.30am some days, I find it really hard to slow down for life with Ellie.

So on a Friday morning - when my time is blissfully my own to spend with L'il Lovely as I please - I find that I have done the supermarket shopping by 9am. Why? What did I have to prove?

Once back home, I'm at a loss for how to entertain her till lunchtime. She starts to get fractious and I think she must be tired. I put her to bed for a pre-lunch sleep at 10am. Surely this is too early for a 17-month old. It makes me feel bad to do that and I wonder if have enough imagination for this motherhood lark.

At least she goes on to sleep for two hours. Perhaps she needed it after all. 

The afternoon is a bit tougher as a result. She doesn't need to sleep by then, but at at least I've slowed my pace down to match her.

Back to the duckless future - I have great news. Tesco (dear overseas readers, Tesco is a supermarket) is selling fluffy pink ducks for Easter. 
These ducks cost just £2 and I've bought two.

I expect you are wondering why expect anyone to care about this. But don't you see? This cheap yet sinister, pink monstrosity was given to Ellie by her aunt last year and is now her favourite cuddly. As we all know, cheap toys will always be a small child's favourite - no matter how many chic rabbits and cute teddies we might try and charm them with.

Rather disturbingly, I am planning a course of duck-distressing so the spares all look more or less like the worn-out original. 
I know this love of cheap toys won't last forever. You'll think I'm cheap, but I was pretty pleased to see her playing a cup and pebble for half an hour this morning... 


Beth said...

This post so resonates with me! I used to feel exactly as you do!

I must say, I have found it alot easier since he is now 3years old. I did find that once he was around 2.5 years old everything seemed so much easier. Like you, I did love spending time with him but I often felt at a loss at how to entertain him. I used to religiously take him to storytelling, baby music etc and he would just cause havoc!

Now, it is really really a treat! We have conversations and when I take him to storytelling or even a play (so much fun but it has to be less than 40 minutes) he is rapt with attention.

And I have reached that envied status 'a mother who can sit down on the bench in the playground while her child happily plays!'

Me and a friend used to be so envious of these mums while we followed our toddlers round the playground. And now I'm one!

Amanda said...

I can't believe you found one that was exactly like the other one. Madi has a giraffe that has gotten so gross, but I can't find another one just like it. I have brought home new giraffes but they were tossed to the side almost immediately.

Working mum said...

Yesss! LOL I understand totally - we don't allow 'tigger' to leave the house for fear of losing him. Great idea to buy more, but you MUST interchange them so that all ducks smell the same and have the same careworn appearance. Tots can tell the difference, even in the chewed labels!

Iota said...

This reminds me of a post you might enjoy at Elsie Button's blog (you'll find it through Google) about the trials and tribulations of trying to find a duplicate favourite duck for her daughter. I think you'd like it, not least because you've pre-empted the same thing happening by getting those extra ducks in advance!

I found your blog through Mother at Large, by the way.