Saturday, March 22, 2008

Right brained, left-handed: Part II

This is what I found on the Anything Left-handed web site for Alex - K's daugher.

It's been very well received. Thank you for all your comments on this.

Taking your advice, the message seemed to be that if your child has the relevant left-handed tools, learning to write, draw and cut is not a problem.

So now Alex has scissors, pencil sharpener (didn't know these could be left or right-handed!), chubby pencils with grooves to guide the child into the correct position, a writing template for them to trace over the letters and a guide to explain how lefties form letters differently.

K is in the last week's of pregnancy and wasn't up to schlepping round the shops to find these things. She's also admitting to having a very soft preggers brain - which explains why she didn't think of looking on the internet. I'm trusting that none of you will give her a hard time for this - she's my friend after all.

K and her husband both love their books. They don't want to get hot and bothered over writing skills though because they think it might put Alex under unnecessary pressure. This has been great for getting all three of them interested in working on it.

Needless to say though - K predicts all paper in the house will be shredded within the week!

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Amanda said...

K won't get a hard time from me. It sounds like she is just a little overwhelmed. What a good friend you are to help her find the things that she needed.
Also, I don't know why kids love cutting things so much, but I hope K knows that no lone piece of paper will be safe in her house.