Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday morning adventures

Each weekend we aim to have at least one adventure with Ellie.

Today's choice was a picnic breakfast on the beach at Stone Bay in Broadstairs. From Ellie waking at 6am, it took us till 9am to leave the house. I have no idea why it took us so long. And we still forgot to take her bucket and spade.

It was fantastic to walking down 'the 39 steps' (it's where it was filmed) with Ellie clutching my and Ricarro's hands. With each step she let out a little squeak and was giggling by the time we reached the promenade.

After woofing at a few dogs and trying to run into the sea, Ellie sat down between us at the foot of the chalk cliffs. While she tucked into her baby snacks, we ate boiled eggs, bacon sandwiches and chipolatas. 

The morning sunshine was fast disappearing behind gloomy clouds. So once the last drop of coffee was drunk we packed up and made our way back up to the car. 

Along the way, we met a 6 year old girl called Olivia. She was desperate to make friends with Ellie - she had to pat Ellie's head. You know they way little girls have to touch babies, as if to check what they feel like?

Olivia's dad was walking her huge alsation dog behind us. She explained to us very seriously that her dog was called Gatsby, 'after The Great Gatsby'.

Back at the road, we all went our separate ways, with Ellie stopping to turn back every 10 yards to wave and shout 'Babbye'.

I'm very glad to post about this because Ricarro then raced back home so that he could go out and play (golf) with his mates. This left me feeling a bit grumpy... but now Ellie is napping. I have the house to myself and I'm now quite chirpy at this bit of 'empty' time to read the paper and drink tea!


Amanda said...

What a fun way to get some energy out, then you get to do your own thing while she is napping. Smart girl. It does sound like you do a lot of 'adventures'. What a fun little family.

babelouise said...

My boys always have to touch babies, too. They just love babies to bits!
What a great day you had. A nice morning picnic. I may have to steal that idea from you!

Reluctant Housewife said...

All in all, sounds like a great day.