Monday, March 10, 2008

Shocked top four

I started off thinking I'd write a list of 10 things that shock me today, but I've only got 4 genuine ones. It's important to keep things real and to keep things short, so hear we have it, today's FOUR shocking discoveries...

At number 4, the Happy Baker's recipe for fried ravioli. Cooked cheese ravioli, dipped in a pecan and cheese coating and then fried for a couple of minutes either side. Served with another sauce. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this. Am I in awe at her risque, experimental approach to fine dining, or am I appalled at this brutal treatment of soft little ravioli parcels? Feedback on this would be really helpful.

Number 3, just how windy and rainy is it today? Ellie loves feeling the wind in her face, but even she reeled in shock as she was felt the full force of a northerly wind on her way to the car this morning.

2. Zimbabwe. I read in this morning's paper about mothers' fears for her to feed their children, how they hope they don't get ill - because the hospitals can do nothing to help. This should be higher than number 8 on this list. Why isn't it? Because the thought of this situation is terrifying and I freeze at thinking about it for too long. I'll have to salve my conscience with a donation - but how to donate to Zimbabwe where corruption is rife. Feedback on this would be really helpful too.

And at number 1, just how low both Ricarro and I felt yesterday. After a great morning, we were exhausted in the afternoon. He went to play golf... for the second time this weekend.... ggrrrrr... and I went for a walk with the small girl. It rained, it poured. Everyone got grumpy. (Well apart from Ellie. That's the power of a brand new Mr Potatohead for you.) We both ran out of imaginative Ellie-energy at the same time. Also our dinner plans went awry, because we hadn't bought the right ingredients. We did get ourselves back on track by evening - but it's not a great feeling when you feel you aren't working together like the well-oiled parenting machine!

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Amanda said...

I'm still trying to figure out if your man is of latin descent or if his fake name says nothing of his heritage. I love those latin men. Anywho, he loves the golf doesn't he?

There are sometimes when I feel so filled up with determination to fix the horrible things in the world. Then I think, ' what can I really do?'. So then I do nothing. I don't know. I don't have an answer for that one. Let me know when you get the answer.