Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's a good mum to do?

For four days a week, Ellie is looked after by Lisa. In this age of angst, I know I must beat my maternal breast with guilt and anxiety that my child is not getting the attention, stimulation, care and nutrition that only a stay at home mum can provide.

When I look at the evidence, I can see that I have every right to be concerned.

I see that Ellie has a complete disregard for the mess and confusion that shredded paper brings to her life.
Clearly she doesn't understand the serious implications of not protecting your identity. And as for the flagrant waste of paper, I'm almost speechless.
Her creative energies are not being channelled effectively. She's having to resort to imaginative play with another child. Where is all the proper painting equipment when she wants it.
And what about a little humility. In my day, I'm sure we never celebrated special days with such overblown gestures of love and affection.
And as for her table manners. It's practically rude to enjoy your food that much.
She seems to be trying new things everyday. At this rate, how is she ever going to focus on a single task and learn to speak fluent mandarin by the age of five.
She's obviously missing me. I've made a terrible childcare decision.


babelouise said...

You are doing well with your little darling! She's happy and healthy and that's all that matters!

Beth said...

So funny!

I love it!

You know, I think if it were true that children of stay at home mums were better off then we would see that these kids are more secure/happy/confident than the children of us mums who are working. I have a friend who is very critical of working mums - she tries to hold it in in front of me but it slips out.

The ironic thing is my sprog is very confident and happy. He plays with other kids, he is friendly to adults and you know, if I leave him in the care of my friend in the playground while I go to the shop, he is very relaxed.

Her sprog - while very lovely - is pretty insecure and nervous. She doesn't like to play with other children but wants her mum to play with her always. If she loses sight of her mum or I'm watching her while her mum nips off, she panices 'Where's mum?'

I don't know if that proves anything really - it's just interesting!

Sass E-mum said...

I'm not sure it proves anything either, Beth. Phases of shyness and insecurity can be development sign of good bonding, can't it?

I'm really impressed with the energy Lisa puts into Ellie's day - and the other children she looks after; crafts, parks, play dates and egg rolling.

With me she gets to go shopping, hang out in cafes, go to the beach and visit friends. She definitely gets a lot out of spending time with both of us. And I think I value my time with Ellie differently, because I'm not with her the whole time.

SaraLynn said...

This was terrific! She is too precious!

jakelliesmom said...

Promise me that your little doll has her off moments, because from these photos, she looks purely angelic.