Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yorkshire pudding and golden syrup

This is Ricarro's (Love-of-my-Life takes too long to type) idea of a tea time snack for Ellie (aka L'il Lovely).

To the uninitiated, Yorkshire pudding is very odd stuff. Made out of a very eggy batter, it is baked in an oven so it puffs up around the edges. It is served with roast beef, vegetables and plenty of gravy.

Ellie had slept through Sunday lunch. So at tea time, I gave her a cold Yorkshire pudding while I cooked up her main meal. This was a mistake. She fell in love with the Yorkshire's and refused anything else.
This was the point when Ricarro poured golden syrup on to the Yorkshire pudding, because earlier that day his mother said this was delicious. (Mother-in-laws, healthy eating and dental hygiene can be strangers).


Amanda said...

Is it sort of like a bread? It looks delicious and I would definately want that instead of a real dinner.
It's really nice to put a name to her face. Her name could not match her cute little face better.
My mother in law always shares Diet Coke with all of my kids. Like they need a little caffeine in their diet.

Reluctant Housewife said...

It's sort of like popovers. I like Yorkshire pudding, although I've only had the "from frozen" kind. You pour gravy in it usually, right?
Your daughter is adorable.

Sass E-mum said...

It's kind of pancakey in the middle and a little bit bready where it puffs up. Quite right about the gravy, RW. If you were one of my in-laws you would require a bucket of gravy. Mmm... they love their gravy.

I have no idea what a popover is! Isn't that when your neighbour says, 'oh I'd love a cup of tea, I'll pop over right now and join you'. (Err, really I try not to speak like that)

Thank you for all the Ellie compliments. I'm at work today so its nice to think about her.

SaraLynn said...

Ellie is beautiful!

It's funny how in-laws and even my parents have forgotten what they wouldn't give their kids when they were young, but "grandparent" rules are much more flexible where food is concerned. Once after visiting my dad, we woke to find he and my daughter having a lovely conversation over their breakfast of ice cream and cookies....

Working mum said...

My mother-in-law is looking after my daughter next week while childminder on hols and I just know she is going to give her Heinz 'Bob the Builder' pasta every day for lunch followed by chocolate cake because "that's what she wanted"! Strange grandparent food logic!