Sunday, April 27, 2008

And the sun shone

When the sun shines, the English (and Scots and Welsh too - they aren't proud either) go outside for as long as possible to sit, to eat and to drink beer.

It's traditional.

As I'm a very lucky girl, we did our errands first thing and had plenty of time to go to our closest pub for a fish and chip lunch, eaten out of paper on the beach.

Once we'd eaten, we polished off a couple of beers too. We reminisced about the times we've spent on the beach as just a couple and relished the life changes and delight brought about by having Ellie in the family.

I wish you could have been there. You'd have seen Ellie sleeping in her buggy and then getting up to play and stagger about on the shingle.

In a concession to diet and to Ellie's lunch I didn't eat all my chips but saved some for her to eat along with mushy peas once she woke up. I don't like mushy peas myself - bleurgh. It's possible that Ellie hoped it was guacamole (this would explain why she didn't eat much of it!)

The cod and chips went down a treat though. We don't often eat take away chips. These were from V C Jones - also known as Meaty Jones. All the fish and chips are fried in lard. This makes them very tasty, but a bit of challenge for most people's guts.

After that we rolled back to the High Street to collect my bike. We had got it fitted with a child's seat so that I can start to get some exercise with Ellie in tow.

We gave her a choice of a Dukes of Hazard number or a pink one with white daisies. She pouted and smiled with satisfaction at choosing the flowery lid. Yet again I crumble in the face of the pink conspiracy.

I took this photo while pushing the buggy. Ellie cheerfully waving and crying out, 'Hello! Hello!" I think she likes the bike ride experience.

I've got a great big wicker basket that I can put on the handle bars. If the weather's any good tomorrow this might be her mode of transport for going to her childminder's house.

I love these little adventures. We cycled to church this morning. All the way there, I could hear her giggling and chuckling behind me.


Amanda said...

I know how much you needed your Ellie time. It looks like y'all had such a nice day. My favorite picture is the last one with Ellie on the bike. Very cute.

Also, I think it was great for she and Recaro to have that time. I loved to hear that she was a little more cuddly to him.

See ya' in NYC!!

Working mum said...

Great bicycle seat. I love the thought of hearing the giggling behind me, but I'd be so tempted to look!

Talking of fish and chips, a few weeks ago when I wasn't well I asked husband to bring home a chippy tea. I asked daughter if she liked chips (yes I'd never given her chips in four years) and she said "Yes. With broccoli?" I must be doing something right!

Milla said...

ahh! What a lovely way to spend your summer holidays - you do realise that one sunny day is IT, don't you...
Have blue here, twice over, so have been robbed of pink. But it's fine, blue's ok, just roars more.

Cajunchic said...

How very cute. I love the picture of her on the bike.

OOh fish and chips covered in malt vinegar. Yum!

Reluctant Housewife said...

So much fun! We rented bikes once in a park in the states - There were MANY hills. It was really fun & the kids loved riding on the back. Ellie is such a cute passenger too.

CC said...

We had a glorious weekend too... thousands and thousands of miles away and yet our weather is so similar. How can that be? :)

jakelliesmom said...

What a beautifully written reflection. I felt I was right there with you.