Sunday, April 13, 2008

Armoured tanks and a shoot up

We were just going shopping, when we saw this.
It wasn't an invasion. Instead it was a reenactment group who like to take tanks, military police jeeps, army ambulances and army trucks to events around the country. It could have been worse - I know of at least one saxon/jurts renactment group who look like they've stepped out of Middle Earth. 

In fact it was forts day at Whitstable Castle (not a real castle, just a Victorian philanthropist's house built with crenellated roof tops and is now a community centre). A load of people were dressed up in WW2 uniforms and civvies for the fun of it. 

One of the presentations going on was all about the forts that you can see out in the sea from Whitstable.  The forts look like rusty sheds on stilts and are located on sandbanks out in the middle of Thames Estuary. They were built during WW2 to prevent German u-boats sneaking up the Thames and to provide artillary points to attack any Luftwaffe flying up the river.

All of this sounds sensible enough until you consider the poor guys who had to man these sea forts. During the day, they were sitting ducks for the Luftwaffe and could only hope they would avoid a bombing. At any point, a u-boat might have rammed into them, knocking them and their metal sheds into the ocean. And then at night, everything would have been pitch dark as the seaside towns would all be in black out.

Not surprisingly, serviceman at the forts demonstrated the greatest levels of mental illness and the highest level of absconding from duty. 

Incidentally, the tank is also located outside 'The Tank'. The Tankerton Arms pub has been closed for a number of years and is now split into flats. But during its glory days, it was one of the finest, most amazing pubs I've ever known.

It's as well it closed down. People who lived and worked there have confessed its closure probably saved lives. Even so, I still miss it. 

I have one more odd photo to share with you. Spring has most definitely sprung and the local asparagus season is getting closer and closer. I think asparagus is really odd stuff so I took a photo of  one of the first shoots emerging while we were at Mallards Farm. 

Recaro thinks this photo is really rude.

I think it's just an asparagus shoot. He he. 


MamaGeek said...

Only a great post could manage a tank and an asparagus that doesn't really LOOK like an asparagus! :)

womaninawindow said...

Might be an alien, or the finger of truth, whatever that happens to be.

Sass E-mum said...

Yes! It's 'the spear of destiny'!

SaraLynn said...

hehehe....couldn't stop the giggles for a while after this one!

Very neat story about the tanks and stuff, sorry about your pub :(

Amanda said...

I don't think I would want to be on of the shacks on stilts. Maybe they could use them as prisons. Maybe for the girl with the black shoes and blue tights. That was very offensive.

As for the asparagus, it does have a phallic look to it...