Friday, April 11, 2008

Fussy fussy

Tuna fish cakes and sauteed carrots and broccoli. I don't know about you, but I'd eat it.

In fact I did. I cooked enough for us both so that Ellie could see me eating exactly the same food.

Unfortunately that before photo is also the after photo. Well. At least she didn't throw it on the floor. 

She hasn't eaten many vegetables over the past few days so I did give her a sachet of pureed broccoli, pears and peas which she sucked on like a little astronaut.

She also ate some apple, but refused to eat any fromage frais. (So I ate that. Waste not, want not).

As a result, we generated an impressive pile of waste and washing up. Normally, I don't give second choices - I'm a mother, not a restauranteur, after all. Generally, my tactic is that if she doesn't want to eat, I send her off to play till the next meal time.

I always hope that Ellie will have at least two good meals a day - it's a way of reining in my own expectations and avoiding getting stressed out over uneaten meals.

If you have any tips or realistic ideas on what 18 -24 month old children can eat, PLEASE tell me. I'd like to stockpile a few ideas.


Reluctant Housewife said...

Monkey has days where he eats everything he can get his hands on and days when it seems like he's eaten nothing. I don't stress about it. It all balances out. The pureed astronaught food thing is a great idea.

My kids eat what I put in front of them... I don't usually make special food for them.

Cajunchic said...

My kids went through this for awhile. After wasting a ton of food I started a new rule. They had to at least try the food. If they did not and still refused to eat it then it went into the fridge until the next meal. They were served the same thing at each meal until they tried it. After awhile they got the clue and actually found that they liked many of the things they refused.

Working mum said...

From age 12 months there was nothing daughter was not allowed to eat (eg honey, peanuts), so she has always been given the same as us with one exception; she doesn't like lettuce. She does try, every time, bless her, but I think it's the texture.

So she is given the same meal as us, but her appetite does vary widely. I agree with reluctant, don't stress, it balances out. Our main rule is: no pudding without eating main meal!

Milla said...

Mine were pretty good at eating everything (being lazy but pretending it was principles, we always have eaten together). On to more important matters, wine: there's a DELICIOUS and unlikely bottle of white sold by Tesco, frumpy looking, Vieille Fontaine, I think, but only £3.35 - just gone up because of the budget. Yumtastic.

Beth said...

My boy could eat pasta all day long!

I worry that he doesn't eat enough protein.

But he eats TONS of fruit - masses of the stuff.

interestingly, he eats everything at nursery including the green stuff.

SaraLynn said...

I will be looking to see if you get tips! Because I need them too!
Jax refuses to eat veggies right now. It is so frustrating!

Amanda said...

As you can tell, Emma Mae just eats what we eat. I started that at a year with all of my kids. As long as she can feed herself she doesn't care what it is. What about that Jessica Seinfield book? She's got some great recipes that have hidden veggies in them. There's ups and downs to that, too. But I think she's got a good idea, there.

CC said...

Um. ugh! Sorry, not for me!

foop said...

First, I remember those days and, happily, they do pass.

Second, I would SO eat that dinner! Scrumpy!