Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I nearly burnt the house down

I am so ashamed of myself. Yesterday afternoon, I left a pan on the hob and then left the house for an hour.

After shopping and collecting Ellie I got home to discover the neighbours had called the fire brigade. My neighbour took my housekeys as I was getting out of the house and he opened the front door. After I'd handed Ellie to my sister-in-law for some emergency babysitting, I raced straight into the house to turn the hob off.

I was followed almost immediately by a fireman in breathing apparatus. It's an odd thing - nothing was going to stop me going in the house to rectify my mistake.

And then I stood outside the house trying to calm down while the firemen checked the place over, before going to have a cup of tea with SIL. Ellie thought she was in heaven - she was playing with a miniature tea set. I was so relieved that I hadn't got upset in front of her.

Thank God for good neighbours. The house was full of smoke - there's a tang of acrid in the air - but no damage done. Apart from to the saucepan. When I'm feeling brave enough I'll take a photo of the pan. Until then, I'm still recovering my equilibrium.

Everyone (even the firemen) is telling me it's the easiest mistake to make, but I still feel like a dumb, distracted, klutz.

The thing I continue to discover is that as hard as I try, I'm still making new mistakes and I don't always learn from other people's. Dammit.


Amanda said...

Oh, man. Bless your heart. I'm glad nothing was damaged. Well, except the pan. But that's okay. You can get a new one. And, yes, thank goodness for those neighbors.

At least it sounds like you're getting a little more Ellie time than last week.

Working mum said...

Mumnesia in action!

Don't be too hard on yourself. At least everything was OK, none of your family were hurt and you've got good neighbours.

Sounds like the perfect excuse for a trip to John Lewis home department for new pans or other sutff. Every cloud ......

Trish said...

They are not mistakes, but accidents. Everyone has them. Good to hear no one was hurt.

jakelliesmom said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad everything is okay. I can't imagine the horror coming home to see a fire crew and smoke. Give yourself a hug (maybe also a glass of wine, too).

Cajunchic said...

It is the easiest mistake to make. I know because I have done it before. lolwq

Reluctant Housewife said...

Oops... a mistake is just a mistake. Could happen to anyone. I'm glad there was no damage. It's great your neighbours noticed & called it in.