Saturday, April 26, 2008

Marylebone High Street

London has taken up a lot of my time this week. Work started off with a disaster on Monday, but by Friday things were a lot better - though frantic in other ways.

The worst of it was not spending time with Ellie. However, Recaro and Ellie have been getting on great. I can see that she's far more willing to hold his hand when out walking and will look to him for cuddles in a way that she didn't always before.

I'm a bit behind in blogging. I've got loads of ideas that I need to work on, but I did at least get out on Wednesday at lunchtime to check out the quality of window shopping on Marylebone High Street.

For those of you that don't know it, this road connects up to Oxford Street, but quite frankly is a world away from London's main shopping street. Marylebone is very central, but somehow has a small town village quality in a very up-market way. It has a number of boutiques and interesting food shops. There are chains like Shoon and Saltwater, but these are smaller chains and I'm not sure where else they have outlets.

I was very excited when I discovered Shoon. The clothes were beautiful. When I'm feeling a little more flush, I'm coming back here for a major trying on session. These are clothes I want to wear.

Marylebone High Street is a relatively expensive place to shop, but I think has what it takes to make me feel more original, better dressed and stylish than if I stuck to Gap, Next or Zara. (I need all the help I can get - I don't have the knack for going to Primark or a charity shop and finding anything I like or that fits.)

Even the Waitrose is smarter than the average supermarket. I took a photo of its street clock - I love street clocks. How helpful is that to someone on a lunchtime shopping expedition? Very considerate.

Marylebone also has a number of great restaurants. The Providores is one that really stands out for me. It's tapas style but with an antipodean edge. Downstairs is informal with some shared tables. It's fantastic for breakfast, is great for lunch and I've heard good reviews of its restaurant upstairs for evening meals.

Another restaurant just off the High Street is Relais de Venise. This place only serves steak and frites - French style. Apparently it's brilliant so I'm trying to persuade my team mates that we should try it next time we all go out together.

I didn't have time to check out the home furnishings shops. There's the Conran Store at the top of the road and loads of others.

For the creative types among you, there are some excellent haberdasheries here too. I don't think you'll ever see a wider selection of fancy ribbons and braid on one street.

I don't think my photos do the place justice. If anyone can make any other good restaurant recommendations in the area, let me know. I'm hoping there's going to be few good lunches over the summer and I need to know where to go.

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Amanda said...

What a treat, to be able to walk around and see all of these things on your lunch break. When and if I ever get to London, that's the street I'm shopping on. The clothes in those stores looked like something I might actually step out of the house in.