Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seasalter beach huts

I'm working in London again today. Boo hoo. Look what I'm missing.

These beach huts are very close to a very lovely restaurant that I think ALL of you would like. 

I'm going to name drop again now. Cover your ears. I once had a meal here with the same people who I ate with at Claridges where Alan A (CLANG) and Cate B (CLANG) saw me... when Bob Geldof (CLAAANG) and his missus showed up and were turned away. They would only give him a small bowl of olives and a drink.

 He hadn't booked. Sheesh. Some people, huh?


Amanda said...

Is this in Whitstable? I think your town looks beautiful. And you are sooo tres chic with all of your celebrity friends. (they're friends if they have dined at the same restaurant, right?)

Reluctant Housewife said...

Love the huts. We read about in Paul Theroux book Kingdom by the Sea. I'm dying to get to England. Hubby and I reading a book Walking in Britain... It's killing us that the kids aren't really old enough for a walking holiday!

Cajunchic said...

I want to go. *bawling in bed sheets* It is so pretty. It is late in the season here so it is just dead. We have two seasons that I lovingly refer to as steaming hot and dead.

OOH I like Cate B. There is something about her that just draws me.

SaraLynn said...

looks so peaceful...sigh...i want to be there today....ahhhh no laundry to do..that would be heaven too ;)

womaninawindow said...

What an absolutely alluring photo. Dammit! I want to go there! It gives you the feeling that you can walk right through your computer screen. It was either your photo or drinking too much coffee this a.m and screwing my head up. And enough with the celebs. Just kidding. It's good to know they eat like real people and get screwed out of seats, too.

Beth said...

So beautiful!!

And those pesky celebs - honestly!