Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tasty Tuesday: cheat's quiche

I've just been given a blog award. Isn't that great? I'll post more about that tomorrow. Coincidentally, it's from SaraLynn at the Happy Baker who has inspired me to write up a Tasty Tuesday post.

So with a big cheer for SaraLynn, here's my cheat's quiche. After using several recipes, I've tuned this recipe up for high speed completion. If I have the right ingredients in the cupboard it's even been known to impress my in-laws.
Here are most of the ingredients. The most obvious cheat is using ready made shortcrust pastry. I thought I'd try and disguise it by placing the packet upside down, but I guess you are just too smart to be fooled by that kind of cheap trick.

You'll see I've forgotten to put any eggs in the photo. That was an oversight. Also I've used cathedral city cheddar. In an ideal world that would be emmenthal and gruyere cheese. Also this is the first time I've tried this quiche with purple sprouting broccoli instead of 'normal' broccoli. What the heck. I'm a wild woman living on the edge of oblivion. I'll try most things once.

First the pie crust. After buttering a loose-bottomed pie tin, I roll out the pastry and lay it over the tin. Pressing the pastry into edges and all that stuff you know how to do. 

Because I'm going to prebake the pie-crust and I don't want to use any kind of pastry weights, I just prick the pastry all over. That way it won't rise and will stay beautifully flat after 20 minutes in a 170C oven.
I fry up one chopped onion, one pack of lardons and once they've got going, I add in sprigs of broccoli. All this is far easier to do if you aren't hefting your daughter on your hip. So I recommend putting little lovely down even if that makes her shout very loudly.

After the onions were caramelised, I gave Ellie a bath, milk and bedtime story. If you don't have a small child to deal with, you could take this opportunity to put the onion, lardons and broccoli in your lovely flat pie crust.

Mix up three eggs, half a pint of double cream (is there a difference between US and UK pints?) and 8oz of cheese (that's the equivalent of two sticks of butter - holding some back to sprinkle on top in a moment). Add some seasoning to the mix.
Pour the mix as evenly as you can manage over the veggies. Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top. It's good for the oven.
Bake it for about 15 minutes at 180C and then another 20 minutes at 150C.

Yummy. Ideally I'd serve this with salad and jacket potatoes. But, err, I didn't have any. We had this broccoli quiche with ... extra broccoli.

I am such a fabulous housewife.


Amanda said...

First of all, that was the most fabulous looking uncooked pie crust I have ever seen. Then,I think I will go look up what a lardon is. I'm sure I will think it fits perfectly into this quiche. Around here, we do bacon in our quiche. Then lastly, that quiche looked like the peak of perfection. I wish you lived closer and I would drive all of my kids over to get a bite. I will definately be trying this one.

Congrats on your award. I always knew you were totally fabulous.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Wow that looks delicious!

THE MOM BOMB said...

The fact that you not only know what a lardon is, but cook with it, makes me want to bow at your feet and chant "I'm not worthy . . . I'm not worthy. . ."

Amanda said...

Lardon IS bacon. I love it!!

SaraLynn said...

This looks very tasty! Thanks for sharing it.
I have never made (or eaten) a quiche....but they always sound good. I will have to remedy that :)