Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This was my day

I did lots of good stuff today. I even met a deadline four whole days early. But you don't want to know about that. You want double decker buses. There's three at once, but not one of them was my number eight.

None of these were the old fashioned, jump on, jump off, routemasters though. These are new-fangled buses with automatic doors. Fortunately they aren't bendy buses. I'll post a photo of one of those crazy things another day.

Because I know some of you will have filed your US tax returns early enough to qualify for some free cash, I thought I'd get off the bus in fashionable Mayfair and take a walk up Bond Street.

So that you could spend you dollars in patriotic style, I checked out Ralph Lauren first. If you ask me he's getting frivolous, frilly and slightly 80's all in rebellion against the tougher economic climate in the noughties.

Just take a look at that top hat and ra-ra skirt ensemble. If that's not the stuff of 80's dreams/nightmares I don't know what is.
These old guys are found half way along Bond Street. During the middle of the day, tourists almost queue up to have their photos taken sat between FDR and Churchill. See how shiny FDR's arm and leg is. I think quite a few people have stroked that knee.
Eek. Not sure this is really going to help the hosiery department at Fenwicks.

After this, I'm afraid I had to go and do some work. It's okay though, I was super efficient.

At lunchtime I stayed on track and went out to get my glasses fixed. Apparently they aren't supposed to withstand the full weight of an 18-month old trying to punch your lights out. Isn't that silly?

I was going to the 20:20 Optical Store on Tottenham Court Road. This meant I had to walk through Fitzrovia. What a great name for an area. Very George the first, second, third and fourth. (My knowledge of this period of history isn't very good. I'm sure nothing too important happened during this time...)

This is upper Regent Street. Lots of crane and church spire action going on here. Peeking just around the corner at the end of the road is the home of BBC radio and the World Service.
Over the tops of the roofs, you can see the Post Office Tower. There used to be a revolving restaurant at the top and down in the basement there's a royal mail train service. All very secret agent. 
I went for a very indulgent burger and fries at Hamburger Union. It was so tasty. Much better than I ever remember McDonalds being - but, shall we say, a little bit more expensive.

After collecting my repaired glasses (done for FREE! because I bought them from there last year) I headed back to the office. I thought to myself, I'll keep my camera switched on just in case I see something interesting.

And then I saw John Hurt walking towards me.

All sorts of thoughts dashed through my head. Should I do some self and celeb photography? Should I just ask if I could take his photo? Clearly I spent far too long thinking about this because he disappeared into this hardware shop.

So I took a photo of his back for you. He's the one holding the blue IKEA bag. That's how cool JH is. He reuses IKEA bags. I try and use mine for beach picnics, he uses his for DIY supplies.

I know what you are thinking. I really should have tried harder about this. But I know the agonies I have gone through after harassing people for autographs. It's horrible. I feel so bad about making a complete idiot of myself. Taking a photo of John Hurt's back is definitely the best solution.
Please console yourself with a photo of Cavendish Square - which has secret underground parking below. Very handy for a spot of Oxford Street shopping.
And also consider the strangely lush plate and cup I bought for Ellie. And the very wonderful notebook for all my bloggy ideas. Isn't that colourful and non-workie?

Okay. I know you are getting tired now. You'll be wondering when I went home. Well I did catch my train - along with six mothers and their many children, happy meals, quiches, ham sandwiches, home made brownies. 

My threshold for family fun is so much higher than it ever used to be. Even so, I was delighted to make it into Whitstable. Here's the beach - this photo is taken from the train by the way.
This is the scooter that will take me from the station to home and family.
And this is one strangely lush mother who is really looking forward to seeing the love of her life and her beeeeyoootiful, funny, lovely and clever baby daughter.


womaninawindow said...

Does everyone over there see celebs? Oh, no, maybe that was you. Oops. I think I've been coming to your site too often. What a gorgeous place!

jakelliesmom said...

It's like I've had a vicarious vacation. I love these little visits.

Reluctant Housewife said...

You drive a scooter? Nice. So glad I know you... I can brag about my British friend, who works in London, rubs shoulders with celebrities and drive a scooter.

Amanda said...

I'm with Reluctant. I'm totally going to brag about you. As far as seeing the celebs, I am sure that blogging has brought you a nerve to do things that you maybe wouldn't have before. I think that all the time, 'If I could get a pic this would be so GREAT for my blog'.
I love the picture of you at the end. That was PERFECT!!

Trish said...

Celebrities, schmelebrities -- I love the double decker buses!

the mother of this lot said...

I enjoyed touring London with you. And thank you for your kind comments about my eldest daughter...although perhaps if you had to feed her you would be slightly less sympathetic!!

Elaine A. said...

You are absolutely adorable in that helmet - not that you aren't cute when we can see your hair too! tee hee!

Thanks for showing us around during your day...

SaraLynn said...

yep, I brag about knowing you too :) I love the pictures and stories of your day!!
ahhh to shop on Bond St...

Sass E-mum said...

This is very fab feedback. How great. Not sure I'll maintain the quality of the A-list sightings but I enjoy the occasional shopping post.

Madame Queen said...

Was that Posh Spice hanging out in Fenwicks? Looked just like her!

MamaGeek said...

Oh man this was fun. I so lived vicariously through you there for a few minutes. LOVED it.