Thursday, April 3, 2008

Three beautiful things

1.A good train journey. Today, I'm working in London. I only do this one day a week so it's a pleasure, not a chore. Incredibly, I also had a great train journey with two notable events. The woman opposite me was listening on headphones to the something that was making her smile. She had to duck her head to hide her smiles - or else she'd look like the train looney. The man next to me was deeply and peacefully asleep that he had to be woken up when the train terminated at London Victoria. He wasn't snoring - that would have been unpleasant - just very relaxed.

2. Walking. The weather has warmed up, so I decided to tackle my fitness by walking from the station to work. This route takes me past Buckingham Palace, through Green Park and up Bond Street. Everything was shiny and lovely - full of the joys of spring in fact.

3. Bond Street. Street of dreams more like. This is window shopping heaven and I'm very lucky that I usually walk down here when the shops are closed. Not that you'll find me shopping in Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Armani etc on a regular basis. The things that caught my eye were children's summer shoes in Camper, handbags and china in Asprey. There was also an hilarious outfit on display in the dinky Miu Miu store. Next week, I'm bringing a camera.

This post is inspired by the Three beautiful things blog. What are your three beautiful things today?


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I love your "translations" list - is that new, or I just never noticed it before?

Amanda said...

I have tried to come up with three. I could only come up with one. Sorry.
When I was getting Madi dressed she noticed a picture of Laura and Grandpa on our bedside table. She asked what the picture was. I said it was Aunt Laura and Grandpa. Her face lit up and she smiled and said, 'I love Aunt Waura.' I said, 'She loves you, too.' Why is this all so stinkin hard?
This was really long and I swear not meant to be a downer. It is beautiful to me that my children will remember her.

Reluctant Housewife said...

3 beautiful things:

1. having a prepaid photocopy card when I need to make photocopies.

2. Monkey's excitement at getting to go to the store with me.

3. Oatmeal raising cookies.

Sass E-mum said...

Suburbancorrespondent - it's always been there. I'm a geek for spotting the differences in language.

Amanda, I think that's a very beautiful thing. It's sad, and it's not sad too.

RH...oatmeal raisin cookies... mmm