Monday, April 7, 2008

What's in your kitchen?

SaraLynn put out a challenge; 'what's in your kitchen?' I really can't resist answering the question. And this should also help get my premature post off the Google Reader. If you are among the few that spotted a recipe... well let's just say Blogger's scheduled posting widget has a few wrinkles waiting to be ironed out.

So what's in my kitchen. This should be easy, after all no one could accuse me of being a complete stranger to the room with a fridge and the hot cupboard device. 

My first shock was finding I had a child in there. Emptying out the drawers and unravelling the greaseproof paper. Ah well, that's going to keep her occupied for a minute or two.

This would give me a chance to fill the dishwasher. Except favourite toy was 'put away' in there. Who knows what the duck did wrong.

I'm going to have to stay on the right side of this little girl.


SaraLynn said...

Cute! Is the duck in trouble? LOL...too cute! Thanks for participating!!

Amanda said...

It feels so good to know someone else has the same little puller outer that I do. I will not be taking a picture of my kitchen, but right now the dishwasher detergent, duster, soap and other crazy things are all in the middle of my floor. I would say that this phase will end soon but Madi is 2 1/2 and showing no signs of stopping.

CC said...

the kid stuff keeps popping out of the daisies!

Working mum said...

Well, obviously you've seen my kitchen on

Reluctant Housewife said...

Hmmm... you've got quite an infestation there.

Poor duck.