Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Working Wednesday

Again, I'm at work in London - a long long way from my little lovely. Posting a photo of Ellie looking incredibly cute goes some way to satisfying the Ellie-shaped hole in my heart that I'm feeling right now.

What's worse, is that I'll be working in London again tomorrow. It's quite possible that since putting her to bed last night (Tuesday) at 8.30pm, I might not see her awake until Friday morning at 6.30am.


Thank heavens for photos. And a husband who knows how to play, bath, feed, put to bed and dress our darling daughter. If anyone's husband out there isn't pulling his weight right now, you can tell them about Recaro. He cooked dinner last night too after he got home from work in time to play with a tantruming/over-tired daughter.

Of course, he's trying to persuade me that we should get a dog and that I should buy him a boat.

Not a chance. Ha ha.


Amanda said...

She looks like she is growing so much. I know that it has been a short time that you have been blogging but she looks like her face is moving from baby to little girl. She is sooo cute.
Sorry that you have to be so far away. Even if your husband is doing it for purely selfish reasons, at least your getting some wonderful help.

echoeve said...

I think all husbands help for purely selfish reasons. don't they?

Your little one is getting prettier and prettier. sorry you have to be so far away. I always say I want a break from the kids but then I miss them when they are gone.

Working mum said...

Damn that capital city!

Just make sure you do lots of gazing at beautiful sleeping child. It also fills the work induced hole.

Well done on the husband training, though. I'm impressed. Hope he's waiting at the door with a glass of merlot for you.

Aramie Randall said...

Sassy, why am I the only one in my circle of blogging friends that doesn't know you? I am married to a decidedly un-Recaro man. The good news is that our divorce will be final soon. Aren't little girls the best? I love mine. She's 4, and they are so sweet.

LaskiGal said...

She is just adorable!

Trish said...

You know my thoughts on the dog -- big NO. The boat, that can go either way. If it's a small, yet fun and functional boat then that's okay, but if it's big boat that has a ton of instruments needed to work it, with even more maintenance -- don't do it.