Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't confuse me with Sharon Stone

... but what goes around comes around.

Far be it from me to suggest that bad karma causes natural disasters, but I like the think it was a good move to have given away my first Daring Baker's challenge to Recaro's niece as she and her friends partied on the beach.

Her mother (my sister in law) who lives just three doors away has just turned up on my doorstep to give me a tiramisu. She's been practicing for a dinner party and had to share. Isn't that great? I don't like English trifle - but I reckon Italians know what they are doing.


Amanda said...

When I saw the title I automatically went to a Basic Instinct type Sharon Stone moment. I was wondering what you had been up to.

gigi said...

Hi, it's me, gigi, pronounced like the French say it, nice to meet ya! Thanks for checking me out, I've followed you some from Amanda's blog. We aren't blood relatives. Are husbands are cousins.

I've always thought that Sharon was a little nuts so, anytime she opens her mouth she puts in her foot, what ever!

My youngest son Trav, loves Tiramisu. He would have opened the door for that reward. Lucky you!

About the Texas Sheet Cake it is so good! I've had to talk my self out of making another one all week because I know "ME" I woould eat it all and not share it and I can't afford to gain any more weight. I'm having a hard enough time as it is. So with all that being said, a jelly roll pan is very shallow and I don't even own one so I used my biggest cookie sheet that is an inch deep and 12 x 17, it worked out perfect. Because it is so thin it bakes up fast. has a very similar recipe that she calls the Best Chocolate sheet cake ever. She has wonderful pictures and show you the pan too.

So sorry I got so long winded, I'll try to keep it short next time.

scrappysue said...

there's nothing like a good tiramisu!! trust you enjoyed it

CC said...

Wow. I want someone to show up at MY door with dessert!

Trish said...

I was with amanda and assumed the title just as easily could have been "Don't Confuse Me with Britney Spears" -- So it was a relief to read the post was about Tiramisu. Hope you enjoyed it.

Frog in the Field said...

I adore Tiramisu, I always make too much for the dinner party and have to eat it up for breakfast, gives me a hell of a buzz at 6 in the morning!