Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feeling the fear

Earlier this week my mum fell down the stairs at two o'clock in the morning. She managed to concuss herself and break her collar bone.

She's not an old girl. This is the sort of accident that could have happened to any of us. Even so, it still caused me some sleepless moments (and I don't have any problem sleeping, I can tell you). Hearing the words, 'Your mum had a fall' made my heart stop for a moment.

I drove an hour and half today to visit her in hospital. They have been keeping her in all this time because she has low blood pressure. I had to almost beg a nurse to divulge what the consequences of that is. Another factor that makes it doubly difficult to predict how long she's going to be in hospital is that she had low blood pressure before the accident anyway. It's hard to say what's normal precisely.

My understanding is that she might faint and subsequently hurt herself again. If anyone's aware of any other consequences, please tell me. The only other guidance they are giving for improving her blood pressure is to drink more water. Again, I don't get the connection, but it was so painstaking to just get that level of detail I ran out of the life force required for really impressive medical interrogation.

Her husband is similarly frustrated by the staff and can't bear not knowing whether she's about to be discharged or not. This is leading to a bit of friction between him and mum. I can completely understand it, but since Mum's trying to get over the shock of her accident it's not helpful.

The poor woman can't recall having a scan or being x-rayed, so it's mean of the doctors not to spend more time making sure she's entirely up to speed with the significance of her symptoms. Having explained to a nurse that the lack of communication is stressing both of them out, I believe the doctor has since spent more time with them.

Typing this, I am beginning to realise more questions I should have asked. Isn't that always the way. By the way, I'm cutting myself some slack because I took Ellie to the hospital. I think Ellie did the best job of cheering everyone up - relentless little smiler that she is.

And of course, underlying all of this petty aggro, is the fact that the thought of losing my mum or seeing her get badly hurt is scarey and makes me very sad. Gah! Now I'm all teary.


scrappysue said...

that's just so scary for you and your family, and i can't understand why the medical profession were being so miserly wtih their information sharing? i know nothing about low blood pressure, apart from the obvious (it makes you fall down) but i'm sure there's plenty online.

thinking of you...

hugs from your kiwi celebrity :)

Reluctant Housewife said...

Oh no! That must have been scary for everyone. I know how frustrating it can be to get information. The medical pros seem to assume we know what they're talking about. I recently had to care for a loved one post surgery and had a hard time getting straight answers before I took her home. I'm thinking of you all & wishing your mom a quick recovery.

Cajunchic said...

I am so sorry. How scary. I will be praying for her.r

Amanda said...

Poor mum. I'm sorry to say that I don't really know anything about low blood pressure, either. And the doctors may be tightlipped because they are not really sure, themselves, what is going on. They may not want to say anything so they won't cause any needless worry. So much for that.

We're thinking of you and her here in Georgia.

THE MOM BOMB said...

I hope your mother and your whole family are doing better and getting much needed rest. As our parents age, these accidents get tougher to handle.