Monday, May 12, 2008

For the record; I am NOT pregnant

Two women (TWO!) congratulated me on being pregnant last week. I'd say they were friends, but I'm not so sure anymore.

One was the HR woman at work. The other was at a party (at the start, she wasn't drunk or anything).

I stayed composed, though I found it hard to speak after the party woman put her foot in her own over-used mouth. I was shocked to think my profile is looking pregnant. I'll have to do more sit ups.

Of course, it's possible I might have only myself to blame - apart from the fact that both of them might have engaged their brains before opening their mouths. After lots of running and exercising in January and February, I've been steadily indulging in all kinds of tasty foods over the course of March and April.

Not exercising is one of the worst things I can do. Actually that's not true, is it? I can easily think of a few other terrible things I could do, so perhaps not exercising isn't up there with the great evils of mankind.

However, I'm changing my weekly routine from today. I cycled Ellie to her childminder's and went to the swimming pool for a good 20 minute swim on my way home. I'll collect her by bike this afternoon too. For as long as this good weather lasts, I'll avoid using the car as much as possible.

Tomorrow, I'll be working in the office - but I will put my running gear in the car tonight so that I'm good to go out for short run at lunchtime. It was a mistake to break this habit back in February, but I'm going to shake off the negativity I've feeling about that and just start up again.

Also, I'm going to do a few sun salutations every couple of days. There's only one way to a lithe and supple body - and lounging on the sofa in front of the TV isn't it. I'm no yoga guru, but if I've learned anything about yoga, it's the doing it that counts. So even if the weather turns nasty, I'll still be moving about.

I'm going to carry on eating normally - changing one thing at a time is enough for the moment. It's a challenge to find the time and motivation for exercise so that's where my focus will be for the time being.

In the meantime, any recommendations on where to buy flattering, and shall we say - generously-cut - tankinis will be greatly appreciated. Somehow, I don't think eight weeks is going to be enough time to lose enough weight for a stringy, skinny-minny bikini, but at least I'll be able to move quick enough to avoid the bad mouths of HR and party woman.


Reluctant Housewife said...

Oh ouch. I would never ask someone that question... On the one hand, pregnant women sometimes want to wait to announce their good (most of time!) news and they should be allowed to choose their moment and, on the other hand, what if the person isn't pregnant?

You look great to me - in the pictures you've posted recently. Not pregnant at all. You seem to lead an active, fun life. Maybe those women are jealous and are trying to bring you down a peg? Anyway, you're fabulous no matter how flat your tummy is.

I'm going to get back to gym too. And sun salutations sound like a great idea. Sign me up for the strangely lush exercise program!

Amanda said...

Amen to that Reluctant!! I want to be lushly fit, too.

I was at Jonathon's field day at school on Friday and a little girl came up to make friends with Emma Mae. Then the girl suddenly poked my belly and asked me if I was having a baby. I said, "No, I just had a baby, see her?" She said, "she's not a baby."
I guess I should stop blaming it on Emma Mae.

I'm going to start my exercising, too.

Right after this show is over.

If there is nothing else on.

And there are no new posts to look at.

Working mum said...

Taking a positive spin on this - maybe you were glowing? I can't believe they thought you looked pregnant and had the temerity to say so!

I've given up with the mummy muffin middle; I'll never get my prebaby body back, so I'm just adjusting my wardrobe to the new me. I'm finding it quite liberating!


I call it my baby ledge. The small pouch under my bellybutton that just won't go away no matter how much I try.

One thing at a time is the way to go. Eight weeks????Well, you will certainly be able to change a bit, but I am not sure if it is as bad as you may think.

And those women, the audacity!

dulwichmum said...

Darling you look stunning, how dare they?

Thank you for your kind words, you really made my day.

Bea x

Cajunchic said...

Ouch! If it makes you feel any better I think you look gorgeous from your pictures. (Hubby thinks so too) I have gotten that too.

CC said...

oops! My husband said it once. Never, never again. I'll wait until the baby is physically out of your body before I'll ask that question now.

And I'm on a more exercise-alicious routine now too!

Trish said...

I looked in the mirror today and thought I looked pregnant. Knowing that is physically impossible for me now I took it as a hint to lay off all the treats. It's been 19 months since the baby was born so I can't use her as an exuse anymore.

scrappysue said...

man, if i've learnt ONE thing since i've had children, it's to NEVER, EVER ask a woman (who's had children or NOT!) if she's pregnant. i hope you had some witty comeback for those insensitive party poopers! trinny and sussanah are always going on about their industrial strength knickers, they must be worth a shot! in the meantime, sounds like ur doing all the rights things. anyway, life is for the living; life is short too - eat cake first. you look so cute on that bike - keep doing that!

Casdok said...

Well done for staying composed!!

Madame Queen said...

Agh! I've been expecting something similar any day now. In fact, I caught my dad eyeing my belly the other day and I could see his mind wondering "Is she..." And thus, the diet.