Monday, May 19, 2008

How many more miles?

Other countries do things differently. I love arriving in France and considering the possibilities of where to go.

Our route to Belgium took us through France's industrial north. Having left the crowded south east of England, I'm always struck with how much space the French have for vast factories. They don't seem to have to consider making their factories look attractive and they sprawl as far as they like.

Even if industrial planning laws appear to be easy going, it doesn't stop them going to some trouble to jazz up their bridges. About ten of them had a funky tiling thing going on. The next in the series were bright blue with zig zag red rails.
They also like to paint a picture of what you'll be missing if you drive past an exit.
It could be history, a beach, go-karting.
You'll notice we had our right hand drive car with us. Always funny and slightly dangerous to go somewhere and drive on the wrong side.

These signs get less frequent once in Belgium. But Belgium is also leafier and prettier. At least it appears that way from the motorway.

This is a photo for car lovers. We drove past seven audis in test-drive paint work. I think they were testing the fins - or at least I hope they were. They seemed to be taped on with duct tape.

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