Friday, May 9, 2008

Mum's fine and I'm still out of control

The good news is that Mum is out of hospital. She's back home, recuperating and taking things easy.

The bad news is that I went out to lunch with a friend and only realised at the end that my dress was on inside out. What was I thinking. I'd walked through Canterbury in an inside out dress.

My friend didn't even notice - but then she was looking feeding a one month old daughter and keeping her almost two year old from running off too far.


jakelliesmom said...

Glad she's okay, but take a few minutes to catch your breath, dear. I've done the inside-out thing, and it's something I'd rather not repeat.

scrappysue said...

oh man i laughed out loud when i read that! mummy brain and distracted daughter - some days are just like that.

take care of you

Working mum said...

Glad you're mum's OK.

LOL on the dress thing! How about going to work in two different halves of two suits? We've all done it!

Reluctant Housewife said...

I'm glad to hear your mom is okay.

Too funny about the dress. I once left my apartment with two different shoes on - one brown, one black.