Thursday, May 29, 2008

Playing tag

It's week three of the SLFP and I'm still running twice a week. Just a shame I'm not doing all the yoga and sit-ups that I intended. Ah well - I've done more than if I hadn't posted about it.

And I have to keep it up because I've signed up to do a 5km charity run on Sunday 22 June. I've even got a fundraising web page, I've posted about it on Facebook, told Recarro and I'm even going to tell people at work on Monday. I might even get a donation from the company.

There's no backing out of it. I'm doing the run and I'm going to finish it. If anyone fancies sponsoring me - all in aid of Cancer Research UK - you can click here to go straight to the fundraising page. Alternatively, you can just gasp in awe out how pink I can get.

I've also been tagged by working mum. She wants to see my tea cups, which is kind of sweet. These are our Moomintroll mugs. Whoever makes tea in the morning gives the other person the 'Stinky' mug and gives themselves the 'Love' mug.
We don't put our visitors through this sort abuse though. If you happen to call by, we'll offer you a cup of tea from one of the other Moomin mugs.

When we are feeling brainier we use our scientific mugs. However, I still don't know the circumference of the earth or how far we are from the sun.

Rose (our cleaning lady) and my dad get offered the Seaside mug. It's large but is also bone china. The Guiness and Espana mugs are for builders, plumbers, electricians, kitchen fitters and other tradespeople.

I need to tag a few of you know for this lovely game. Get with it Amanda, Suburban Correspondent and Trish at Pink Collar Living.


Madame Queen said...

Ooh, I haven't seen that meme. That's kind of cool. I might steal it, er, um, tag myself with it, if that's okay?

Reluctant Housewife said...

I love your mugs! I also love that you have particular mugs for particular people. And I love the little love vs. stinky mug thing. Very charming. If I ever visit, I'll take the one with fabulous little lady in green with the daisies on her hat, k?

Come by and see my mugs. ;)

Good for you - signing up for the charity run. I did an 5 mile run once (about 8km)... I ran down all the down-hills and walked up all the up-hills (I'm a total wimp when it comes to running). There were no flat bits.

Casdok said...

I will gasp in awe! Good for you!

Love the meme!

scrappysue said...

i love the seaside one! and the trolls too. if i had the earth one, i'd spill my tea reading it!

Working mum said...

Thanks!!! The Moomins, I'd forgotten the moomins!

Those scientific mugs are the type my dad would have (he has a periodic table tie!) and I'm glad I'm not the only one who has mugs specifically for workmen. We've needed a lot of those around here so they were the 50p plain blue type from Tesco.

You can tell so much about a person from their mugs, can't you?

Trish said...

Here's something sad -- I don't own tea cups, just boring brown coffee mugs that match my everyday dishes. I may have to look into the Moomins. The love/stinky cups are great.

Nicol said...

Fun mugs! It is always interesting to see what people use. I guess I like seeing how other people live. My everyday cups are fairly boring, although I do collect antique tea cups.

Good luck on the run!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back to read more of yours.

Amanda said...

I'm so scared, now. You want me to show my mugs but we don't drink tea. Or coffee. Yep, I'm Mormon.

Because I love a good meme, I will show you my Christmas hot chocolate mugs.

I said I was scared because Working Mum is going to be able to tell so much about me from my mugs. I hope she will go easy on me.