Thursday, May 1, 2008

Scarey Thursday

I'm going to get political. You shall now see my in all my shiny liberal, lefty colours...

The London mayoral elections are taking place today. I don't live in London, but I was born there, I used to live there, I still work there, I travel through it every week and I go to gigs, restaurants, museums, shops and theatres there.

It's a fabulous, exciting city and I'm very proud of my various connections to it. So, while I'm not entitled to vote today I've got my hopes pinned on a number of outcomes;

I don't want this man to win on the basis that he's a careless politician from a privileged background that has nurtured a casually racist attitude that would be unhelpful to this multi-cultural, world-class city.Boris Johnson, ConservativeI want this man to win because he's a conviction politician who loves London and aspires for London to be a brighter, commercially-successful, greener and more welcoming capital city. He does have a nasal-whine to his voice, which hasn't done him any favours, but I like his straight-talking attitude and I like that he gets things done - attracting business to London, dealing with planning issues and implementing a congestion charge.

Ken Livingston, Labour However, Ken has been mayor for a while now. One of the good things about the mayoral administration is that above a certain seniority all the appointments are political. The mayor brings his or her own staff in to City Hall - in a similar way the US president brings new staff into the White House. Even if Ken has avoided the complacency of being in office for eight years, (and some argue that he hasn't) the rest of City Hall workers could possibly do with a change.

In which case, I don't mind seeing this man win the election. He's smart, thoughtful and a whole lot more serious than blondie.
Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrat I'm counting on Londoners to get it right. I could be in shock this time tomorrow. Not that I'll complain too loudly. After all democracy is a precious thing and I'll just thank my lucky stars that some of my life will depend on a London mayor and not on a Zimbabwean despot.


Frog in the Field said...

I thought the Blonde one was a dead cert, didn't realise there was a serious looking man int he running against that Livingstone man.

Sass E-mum said...

A dead cert? I hope not. Aaargh. I'll be the one running for the hills.

Cajunchic said...

I dont know anything about London politics but I saw the pic of the blonde guy and at first glance thought it was Gary Busey. lol

Sass E-mum said...

If Garey Busey has also been caught out lying about extra-marital affairs too, then I can understand the confusion.

Amanda said...

I, also, don't know anything about London politics so you will get my opinion based on looks alone.

I would never vote for the first man because he looks like he can't even tuck his own shirt in and has possibly never heard of that thing they invented a long time ago called an iron.
The second guy looks very trustworthy. And from what I can see of his collar he appears to have an iron.
The last guy is very handsome and well put together. I would go for him before the first guy.

But, again based on looks alone, I would have to go with the second guy. His smile seems genuine, he seems well put together and I like that he is a little older than the last guy. There is something to be said about age making one a little wiser. Sometimes.

Except in the case of George W. I have a feeling there are a whole lotta people out there younger and wiser than him.

And that first guy totally looks like Gary Busey. For sure.

Sass E-mum said...

Basing one's politics on looks alone would make for some interesting results.

It'll be interesting to know if your opinions on these guys might change if you knew a few more facts about each of them. But I won't be the one to enlighten you all. I'm not objective enough!

Beth said...

Well, I held my nose and voted for Livingstone. It would be dreadful if Boris got in.

I have had dealings with City Hall in my previous job and all the nepiotism and crap there pissed me off no end.

However, no doubt Boris would bring in some really horrid people and at least Livingstone supported some progressive policies and practices like the Domestic Violence Forum.

Sass E-mum said...

Woohoo! Let's hear it for Beth. She did the RIGHT thing.

Don't let Gary Busey into City Hall. He always plays the bad guy.