Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Week 2 of the strangely lush fitness plan

Just because I'm giving away coffee and chocolates, don't think I've forgotten the strangely lush fitness plan. I have realised how difficult it is to introduce routine into a finely honed schedule of rushing around followed by lolling around in the precious moments left in the day.

In week two, I'm keeping things simple. First of all - here's a refresher on the basics;
  • spending a few minutes at the start or end of each day doing some sun salutations
  • taking stairs whenever possible
  • cycling or walking whenever possible
  • eating smaller portions slowly and drinking more water
  • finding 10 minutes to half an hour for exercise a couple of times a week.
Here are three additional challenges for the week;

Keep the exercise going. Tell me about your exercise plans for the week. How are you improving your general activity and what time are you devoting to exercise this week? Posting a photo or self portrait of some aspect of your activity would be great. This is all about inspiring you to keep going. I've bought myself a pedometer - just like CC! This will keep me interested in my activity levels for the next week at least.

Do not eat your children's food. Don't pinch their crisps, chips, dip or fromage frais. Don't finish the food they don't want to eat. Don't drink their milk. Do not eat their chocolate, sweets, candy or lollies. Eat with them by all means. Just don't eat for two. Even pregnant women aren't supposed to eat for two. I really struggle with this - sometimes it seems that Ellie has all the fun food.

Talking of pregnant women... was there anything in your pregnancy diet that would be a good thing in your current diet? More vegetables, more fruit? How about drinking orange juice with meals to improve your iron intake (and avoid alcohol)? Did you give up soft cheeses, yummy pate or shellfish. Consider re-adopting one pregnancy food tip - this is about getting you to think about your options more carefully and choosing well-balanced food.

Stay strangely-inspired, there's a world out there of lush clothes to fit into.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Loved your 10 word comment on I Am Bossy!

Had to pop over!

Hallie :)

CC said...

thanks for lovin me in this post! Since I got a new pedomter, I've been doing MUCH better. Except for those cursed chocolate covered coffee beans. I can't stop eating them!

Anonymous said...

Always happy to get some inspiration. Thanks!

Don Mills Diva said...

Not eating Graham's food is a HUGE one I need to remember - I just can't stand to see waste. I need to remind myself that the food is just as wasted if I eat it and don't need than it is if I throw it out to the racoons...

Working mum said...

Trying to be more active, I never eat daughter's leftovers anyway, drinking more water, but, ooops, husband just texted to say he's in Tescos and is there anything I want and my fingers typed 'chocolate'!

Sass E-mum said...

You'll notice I haven't yet prohibited chocolate in plan. So long as its your chocolate. That's one of the things that make it so strangely lush.

scrappysue said...

welcome back! went on another big walk yesterday! there's a pic in my most recent post.

you'll make the hundy before me - congrats!!!