Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Week 3 - The strangely lush fitness plan; 3 beautiful inspirations

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This might not be the toughest fitness plan you've ever read, but it is possibly one of the most realistic. This plan allows you a lot of flexibility for your own preferences, free time and general fitness. The tough part lies in staying motivated and making the best choices for your body.

Let me tell where I'm doing well;
  • I'm taking the stairs to the inner voice which chants 'stairs are my friends'
  • I am cycling and walking where possible - although that hasn't meant very much over the past week. It seems all journeys have been by car or we've stayed home.
  • I have finished a number of meals after Recarro. This is a huge achievement for me and I can be genuinely pleased about this.
  • I have run twice a week since starting this plan and I'm feeling good about the run I'm just about to do.
However, I'm struggling to get through my sun salutations - even though I know I feel so much more limber after doing just three or four. If only I'd been doing twelve every day - I'd have lovely stretchy limbs by now.

Water still seems like too much trouble. Especially when there's a beer or wine alternative...

As for not eating Peaches' food. I have to confess to already slipping back into bad habits. I'd better get a grip on this one. It's not as if I need chocolate buttons or baby crisps in my life. What makes it doubly hard is that Peaches finds it fun to feed me. If she gets hold of snack food, at some point she tries jamming some into my mouth. Just you try resisting a mini scotch egg at the end of a long day.

Over the course of the weekend, Recarro prepared a beach picnic of pate, gorgonzola cheese, ham, bagutte and wine. I didn't have it in me to tell him I was contemplating pregnancy-inspired diet tips. What was even better (worse?) was that he also cooked spaghetti vongole for dinner. I love clams - it really is just as well I'm not actually pregnant.

So the idea for Week 3 is to do three beautiful things;

First, is to say, 'Yes' to all things active. I've just agreed to run in a Race for Life event at Quex Park, Birchington on 22 June. I've said, 'Yes' to Recarro when he asked if I'm running again today. I'll have to make sure I say 'Yes' to my sun saluations tonight...

Next, is to try a bit harder. I'll be doing a far better job of resisting Peaches' food, drinking more water, running further and a little faster. In fact all of the things I've been talking and thinking about in the plan so far, will be done a bit better, more purposefully and more consistently.

Then, focus. Target the part of your body that bugs you most and exercise it. For the next week, I'll be finding time to do three sets of ten sit-ups every day. I want my waist back and this is going to kick start some muscle tone. If you are struggling for time and motivation, this focus will help you get going with exercise where you want it most. None of us are going to get a new body in a week, but keep going with these baby-steps and we'll get there soon enough.

Is there anything you are finding difficult about the strangely lush fitness plan, life, universe and everything right now? What are you going to do about it?


Amanda said...

I've just done a post about this on my blog. I am really thinking about things that I can do differently. I am also really thinking about what I am eating and drinking. I will NOT be giving up my Dr.Pepper. Everyone always says, "Don't drink in your calories." I don't care. I have a serious attachment to my DP that should not be messed with. But I will try to limit them to 3 a day. Maybe just with my meals. But I do drink a lot of water. Maybe that helps wash all of that bad DP out of my system.

Cajunchic said...

I really need to do this and I think you have given me the motivation I needed. I have been in a slump lately and although I have been eating well I have not been moving like I should.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Well, I actually went to my gym. We're bussing it to Bud's school today because Hubby has the car (he needed it for some very important Hubby business) so I won't be able to make it to the gym today. But going to the gym once is not a fitness plan so obviously I still have work to do. It was marathon weekend here in my new city, last weekend. All those runners were truly inspiring.

I just ate a truly unhealthy lunch, too (apparently it's confession time ;). I must say, though, that it's not a new body I'm after... I just want the one I'm in to be somewhat more fit, strong, and flexible.

Sass E-mum said...

Yes, a new body is overstating it. A fitter version of this one would be plenty good enough.

Working mum said...

I've targeted my batwings by painting 14 six foot fence panels over the last three days. Never want to see another fence panel again!

scrappysue said...

i'm finding it hard to finish reading your lovely post because i have such a bad toothache! this helps with the not eating, because i can't think of anything worse! i'm having trouble leaving the house for a run because my kitty is so cute, the fire is on and it's only 5 degrees outside!!!

(does that count?)

u on the other hand, are a star!!!

scrappysue said...

oh, and any husband who makes a beach picnic should not be deterred. SLFP or not. NEVER!!!