Monday, May 19, 2008

Window shopping in Ghent

Despite the lack of parks and the abundance of bicycles and trams all threatening to run a little girl down, I believe the good people of Ghent love children. (Though it's possible they love dentists more, given the way they serve small children orange juice in glasses edged in sugar...)

Not only are there hundreds of sweet and chocolate shops, there were masses of really lovely children's clothes shops.Ellie was very taken with a pair of sandles, but this shop was so posh that they wouldn't sell these shoes to us. They were too large. Phew. That saved us a bundle.

Here I pretended to take a photo of Recarro enjoying his first Belgian beer of the weekend, but in truth, I was taking a photo of the clothes shop behind him for you guys.
I didn't think about children's clothes all the time. As if my attention span would allow it with all this abundance of beer, chocolate and boutiques.

At American Outfitters, I was drawn to their easy list of how to be hip. But really, how many among us can make striped jeans work. I'm not sure I really want the lines of jeans to emphasise the curviness of my butt and thighs. Also, I have no idea what a cache-coeur is. It sounds like a marketing term for a best seller, pronounced in a very dodgy French accent.

Also, what is a vichy smock short. I think I must be a long way off hip. I'll have to confer with Don Mills Diva for much needed guidance.
Ghent shop keepers like to have a free rein on how they use their shop windows. Some fill them with junk utterly unrelated to what is being sold inside.

Others, get over excited at the possible use of a mannequin. But perhaps that's better than just filling the window of your umbrella shop with ... let's be wild here and suggest umbrellas!
There will also be many among you who are desparate to recreate that vintage 70's look in your homes. For those of you who have no time for modern taupe and buttercream and don't wish to dally with highlights of mint, sage or lavender, I've found just the shop for you.

You CAN buy retro wallpaper. You can recreate the kitchens of your childhood. In fact in Ghent, they have a number of shops dedicated to the stuff.

Groovy baby.


Madame Queen said...

I saw that same type of wallpaper in a decorating magazine recently. It must be making a comeback...for some reason. Avocado and goldenrod appliances will be next!

jakelliesmom said...

Now that my children have seen the juice glasses laced in sugar, they've booked themselves on the first flight to Ghent.

And though I'm not up for the chocolates and coffee, I'm going to guess six cafes.

scrappysue said...

that looks like some of the marqueritas i've enjoyed in the past!!!

loving your holiday photo diary! i think to be a 'hip and cool girl', you have to be under 25! let's just settle for being elegant and refined women of a certain age!!! (well, that's what i'm going for!)

Reluctant Housewife said...

I actually kind of like the wallpaper.. although, in general, I am against wallpaper as a decor-aid.

Amanda said...

You didn't tell us Recaro's real name because secretly you are married to Bruce Willis? Seriously, he looks just like Bruce Willis in that picture.

Also, I love a shop that will tell me exactly what I need to be hip. I would go right in there and get exactly what I am supposed to. After I figure out what it is.