Friday, June 6, 2008

Daddy does things differently

Recaro was responsible for Peaches yesterday while I was in London. I love this, because it means that he's always got an opportunity to find out what she's learnt, how happy she is and to teach her something new.

Yesterday he collected her from our childminder in the afternoon and took her straight down to the beach for her last snack of the day: jaffa cakes, baby-crisps and apple juice.

On the way, there and back, they stomped through the long grass, looking at flowers and watching bumble bees buzzing about. He taught her how to say bumble bee and how to buzz buzz buzz.

So far so cute.

Then Recaro continues his lessons on eating in a seemly and decorous fashion.

This begins with Recaro threatening to steal her jaffa cake. So Ellie stuffs them into her mouth as quickly as possible. At this point things start to resemble scenes from Animal House ("I'm a zit, get it?") as he then pulls faces at her to make her giggle while simultaneously trying to swallow.

Recaro really enjoys telling me all about this. He's very thrilled with getting me to ask Ellie what noise a bumble bee makes. Then he remembers the Animal House episode and shares that with me. I think it's great he does these funny things with her... it's not like I'm going to give him a hard time for not trying to get her to behave like a character out of Jane Austen.

But then he realises that he's going to be exposed for another misdemeanour. So he 'fesses up to having drunk the milk from his cornflakes in front of Peaches. Even as he did it, he thought 'oops, shouldn't have done that'. Sure enough, she dropped her spoon and drank from the bowl instead.

This morning she did exactly the same. She thought it was the best thing.

And of course, I'm hardly going to mind. It kept her enthusiasm up for finishing the whole bowl. As we all know - not having to throw food away makes a mother very happy.


scrappysue said...

that's so cute! at least she didn't drink the remaining milk with a frosted flakes STRAW - eww! little girls need their daddies - dubious table manners'n'all!!!

Christon said...

what a cute little story...i love dadyy & daughter time...theres nothing sweeter

gigi said...

So precious, and there is nothing like a daddy and his daughter and all the mischief they can get into together. My boys use to think it was so fun to have secrets with their dad. He'd let them do things that I would never let them do, if they promised not to tell me. I was very over-protective. He wanted them to be rough boys. (nothing ever dangerous though) I guess they figured out early who the nervous nelly in our house was. Definately the mother!

THE MOM BOMB said...

She's adorable. And I am seriously impressed by your knowledge of Animal House.

To-ga! To-ga!

Reluctant Housewife said...

What a cute story.

Amanda said...

Isn't it funny how they will pick something up so quickly. My kids love it when I serve Cocoa Puffs because the milk at the end is chocolate.