Monday, June 16, 2008

Do nothing: make it special

The weather forecast was all over the place. We had no idea what to expect. It meant that our plans for Father's Day were similarly laid back. This was just as well, because all I'd done was buy Recaro a box of his favourite cherry liqueur chocs and collected Peaches' birthday card and gift bag of homemade rocky road biscuits from Lisa.

After Recaro got Peaches up ... I was still lying in bed - see what I mean about not really 'getting' this Father's Day milarkey... Peaches refused to let him have his card. She was the one who made it, so it made sense that she should be the one to destroy it. Fortunately she couldn't muscle her way in to the rocky road otherwise Recaro would have nothing to show from this special day. (And I say nothing, because you don't think he got to keep those cherry chocs to himself do you?)

Here's a few moments of his day... waiting for Tea and Times to open for breakfast.

Taking Peaches and Duck to the beach.
Watching the Lancaster bomber, Spitfireand Hurricane planes flying along the Kent Coast. They did this on Saturday and Sunday - one flight was for the Queen's official birthday and the other was for a nearby air show.
Going to meet his sister, brother in law and nephew at the Duke of Cumberland. The Dealers were playing.

At the end of the day, after bath time, we took Peaches down to the beach for milk, castles and sunsets.

Notice that particularly slanty horizon? Perhaps we were a bit sideways. In fact we may have been sitting with our hats on the side of our heads; we'd had such a good day. It's only now that I recall that Recaro thought his wallet had been stolen in the afternoon. His bank called to say someone was using 'his' card at Carphone Warehouse.
After cancelling his cards, I found his wallet in the back of the car this morning. Just as well we didn't let this potentially awful thing ruin our day. It seems to have been the secret of the day; do nothing special and everything will turn out for the best of all possible worlds.


The Dotterel said...

Quite so. There's nothing like not planning something.

gigi said...

Lucky lady! I love the pictures they are beautiful.

scrappysue said...

what a fun day! isn't the queen's real birthday in april? we celebrate it first monday in june. i bet it's different everywhere!