Thursday, June 19, 2008

Does street art make my local boozer strangely fashionable?

If I went to a groovy bar, would that make me groovy? Well, duh, no. I'm your regular, slightly square, always geeky, wishes-she-were-trendy mum. I'm so geeky I use the word trendy.

However, I am street enough to go to The Fountain. My first experience of this bar was to walk past its open door, only to see a bar stool being thrown the full length of the room.

Then it changed hands. It got hip and cool, in a back street bar kind of way. It has a whole back story courtesy of The Tankerton Arms - but you don't need to know how unutterably fantastic that place was. For a start it's now a block of flats... too sad.

The Fountain is a bit grungy, but it's always good for a laugh and a chat. It's got graffiti on the walls.
It has lots of people wearing flip flops. Some with dirty toes, some with HUGE spaces between their toes and some are just pretty with gold nail varnish.
Then there's more graffiti on the walls.
And Recaro loves it. See him sitting in the VIP area with all his mates. He's having the best time. This is where he likes to go at 4pm on Saturday afternoons. I can hardly object - it's obvious why it means so much to him.

Much as I may mock, this place is the main reason I book babysitters. How many blogs do you read that flit between champagne bars and backstreet boozers? Oh sorry. You weren't looking for that kind of mum-blog, were you?

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Adrian said...

I'm kind of envious of the whole English pub thing. Bars here in America just don't seem as friendly as pubs seem to be. Ages ago, I went to a pub in California called The Rose and Crown. It was a fun place. They used to have darts and piano bar sing alongs and all sorts of fun stuff. Funny, I haven't thought about that place for years and years.