Monday, June 30, 2008


This week saw the inaugural Hutstock take place. All of 5o yards from the house and organised by Recaro's neice this was not a party to miss. Peaches was going to hang out with her West Country cousins and we were going to listen to acoustic music.

One of the advantages of being with a small child, is that you can sit very close to the action.
Her cousin, FAB, has a thing for salted snacks. In fact if any packets of crisps weren't properly supervised, she'd find them and appropriate them for her own use. She took Peaches under her wing and enlightened her to the joys of cream chees Pringles. Fortunately people wised up to FAB's ways pretty quickly so the supply wasn't too free flowing.
The main event was Nirvanarama. Recaro's niece is the blondie on the left. This was so much fun. This bunch of mothers made familiar songs all their own. I'll post some videos on youtube when I get the chance so that you can hear them for yourself.
Here's the view from the Hutstock main event stage.
There are plans to make Hutstock an annual event. Woohoo. Evening events close to home are what I like.


scrappysue said...

awesome! you live closer to the beach than i do!!!

gigi said...

Looks like yall had a blast!! Luckey you!

Trish said...

That looks like a total blast -- what Summer is supposed to be.

Milla said...

kids and pringles, they can seek 'em out from a hundred yards (with a word, I show my age)