Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I forgot the title - it's all McQueen, Ralph and Chanel here, honey.

I'm going to spending the next few days thinking about what I want out of work and how much time is 'enough' time with Peaches. In the meantime, I have to continue keeping my act together, making an impact at work and having fun at home. It would also be nice to book a hair appointment and may be ... even blow dry my hair instead of just letting it dry. These little challenges seem so far beyond me.

However, I can still be relied upon to drum up some enthusiasm for shopping. It's been a little while since I took you shopping on Bond Street. Since work is on my mind, I thought it would be a good idea to check out some office wear.

On the way I thought this guy was a mannequin. His chest looked a bit sunken. Just after I took a photo he moved. Which was a relief because I would have felt national shame and embarrassment if the guards outside Buckingham Palace weren't real.

I remember being really scared of the guards at Whitehall. You can stand next to them for a photo, but they are so still... and then MOVE.... aaargh. Terrifying. And don't think it's weird just for a susceptible six year old. I still see grown, tattooed, tough looking guys getting freaked out in exactly the same way. It's as if the mystery of what these soldiers might do, holds people back from touching or threatening them.

Anyhoo, at Bond Street I took a look at Alexander McQueen. I usually like his window displays, but I'm not so sure about his power suits. As the weather warms up (I exaggerate, of course, but still this is JUNE) I couldn't bear to wear such close fitting suits. Even if my figure were hot enough to handle it.

Interestingly, the suit on the left is pulled a little too tight. That doesn't look good on a mannequin and surely wouldn't look good on a real person. All of which makes the pale snake skin number look like a better option. Who'd have thought?

This is Ralph Lauren I think. To be honest I'm not one hundred per cent certain about this. These are my fantasy work outfits. Oh to be slim with narrow shoulders, able to find a perfectly fitting dress that would cling and skim in all the right places.

The funky jacket and trousers would also be great on a narrow shouldered probably flat-chested lass. While my body shape isn't ideal for either of these outfits, there are variations out there that can work for me. At least I'm inspired to look for something I can a) enjoy wearing b) fit into and c) afford.

Which brings me to Chanel. I can't afford it, I'd hope to God not to fit into it and I wouldn't enjoy wearing it. If you could afford to wear Chanel, would you ever find inspiration in this window display? If anyone reading this has any experience of fashion retail or window dressing, perhaps you could explain what the idea might be behind this 'concept'.
And finally, because it's summer in the northern hemisphere and everyone is thinking about holidays - here are some cheerful summer shoes to put a spring in your step.


Madame Queen said...

As for the Chanel window, I think they said "What leftover crap do we need to get rid of? Let's just put it all on this mannequin and hope it sells."

It's either that or the worst case of the The Emperor's New Clothes that I've ever seen.

Amanda said...

Did I just fall into a time warp? Those clothes look just like they came straight out of 'Flashdance'.


But thanks again for taking us window shopping. Seeing how the other half lives makes me really happy to buy my clothes at Target and Old Navy.

gigi said...

Loved the window shopping. Any kind of shopping...

Reluctant Housewife said...

I don't know where my comment just went... I was saying... Fun post! I love the Ralph Lauren Jacket, but I really don't like the suits in the first picture.

scrappysue said...

i think the chanel 'concept' is, that if you are young, hot and rich, you can wear ANYTHING!!! lol

Nicol said...

I like the power suit on the right in the first window.

I really don't care for the Chanel outfit at all. I could put together an outfit like that without paying that much money. Let me say that I would never wear an outfit like that.

Trish said...

That is the most non-Chanel looking outfit I've ever seen. If you didn't say it was Chanel I never would have guessed it.

Anonymous said...

I think Chanel have been trying to push the boundaries since Karl Lagerfeld took over. Although they still do their famous suits - you are far more likely to see stuff like this from Chanel these days especially when you think Lily Allen is Karl's muse lately! Nice to dream of being young enough and thin enough to wear it though - at least they are trying to put the fun back in fashion! Chanel have done some great opaque tights for A/W 1/2 black 1/2 cream with the CC logo at the ankle - don't forget to get us a picture of them!

Anonymous said...

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