Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In the good old days...

Can you imagine how much it easier it might be to take toddlers to a place of worship if they all had family pews like this?

This is Graveney church and it still has the original, boxed pews in place. So you could pack your whole family in, shut the door and stop them from rushing up and down the aisles and round the back of the altar.
Of course, there's nothing to stop your child from screaming blue murder during the service, but at least noone could be entirely sure if its your child making the noise. I'd enjoy saying things in a loud whisper, like 'How terrible. I hope all that noise doesn't upset our darling, quiet Peaches.'

This church is in the countryside between Whitstable and Faversham. We took Peaches and our great-niece V along to its open day last Saturday. V was also very taken with the pews, but she saw them as an opportunity for nap more than a play.

After getting all the joy possible out of the boxed pews, we settled the girls at a couple of old school desks. While Peaches scribbled, V wrote a story. It was fantastic - all about Peaches being a clever little girl who could 'walk, tork (sic) and run', who went to a 'cherch' with her friend V and then went home. 'The end'.I was very impressed with the story telling. Would you have pointed out the mistakes? I felt it was more appropriate to be encouraging. If it was Peaches and we were at home, I might have said something, but I didn't want to rain on V's very fabulous parade.

Then we went for a romp around the graveyard. Indulge me while I point out Peaches' knitted smock - made by her babysitter, Lindiloo. I love it. A very groovy colour and in a chunky, but silky yarn. There's also a rounded patch pocket on the left hand side. Very handy for distracting Peaches with pebbles and bits and pieces, especially when she'd otherwise be trying to run out on to a road.
Later that afternoon, Recaro gave Peaches a strawberry ice cream. I've now got a major handwash challenge ahead of me since most of that went down her top. Ah well, summers are made for ice cream.

Finally, this churchyard is so traditional there really are graves where the dead are pushing up the daisies.

This is exactly the kind of shot I wanted to take when I got my new camera. I have a feeling you'll see a lot of flower photos from now on.


gigi said...

LOVE the family pews! What a clever idea! All churches need those. Such great pictures! Love the new camera.

Working mum said...

Lovely photos. I'm taking daughter to church on Sunday to see me singing during the service; little bit nervous as I can't stop mid-anthem to tell her to sit still.

Passing on some words of wisdom - don't ever, ever let Peaches eat chocolate ice-cream. It is the one thing I have been unable to get out of daughter's clothes despite industrial strength stain removers. Strawberry - piece of cake!

Madame Queen said...

Good grief. I'm such an anglophile...I would KILL to be in that church.

And that smock? Too cute. Does Lindiloo take orders? :)

And for what it's worth, I don't think you should correct her. Not yet. There's plenty of time for "school" -- I think it's good to just let her imagination run.

Nicol said...

I love it! You don't find those kinds of pews in churches where I am at. I once traveled to the eastcoast and went to the church that one of our Founding Father's attended and sat in his pew. It was all boxed in and I thought it was the neatest thing. I would love if our church had pews like that.

I love the pictures!!!

Trish said...

Haven't been by in a few days. I love the new look of the blog.

THE MOM BOMB said...

I love old churches. Although I have a feeling my kids would butt their heads against the pew door until it fell down.

Peaches is adorable.

scrappysue said...

pushing up daisies. that is so cute! so are those boxed pews. awesome.

MamaGeek said...

Oh wow, what beautiful shots! And Peaches - ADORABLE.

I'm telling you - I can NOT pass up a flower shot, especially with a macro lens - they BEG me to take their picture! :)

womaninawindow said...

Wish we had a portable set of pews like that, just to keep track of 'em.

Charles Fernyhough said...

No, I don't think you should correct her. It's her story, isn't it?!
Love the redesign.