Monday, June 30, 2008

Meet and greet: family through the eyes of a 3 year old

I was feeling like a kindly sort of auntie when I let my three year old great-nephew have a go with my new (yes, NEW) camera. What kind of a nut am I?

You see, he asked so sweetly. And I do think small boys need encouragement with sweetness. Before you know it, they've been rough and tumbled into right little toughies. So until he shows signs of taking electrical goods apart, I'm going to carry on letting him use the camera.

Of course, I was never more than an arms length away from Paparazzi Boy. That might have been asking for trouble.

Nearly all the photos were perfectly composed. In fact, just like this one. Meet the Wonder Dog. This is my sister in law's long haired dachsund. Initially a bit jumpy around the mass of children, but soon exhausted by their boundless energy.

What a snuffly cutie she is. I know what you are thinking. How does my sister in law let her dog on the sofa and still keep it pristine in its creamy beigeness? Sorry - haven't a clue. Must be something called 'cleaning', but I wasn't paying that much attention to the detail.

Next up, a photo of my other sister in law (doesn't she look uptight? don't worry, looks are very decieving) and my eight year old great-nephew. I think Paparazzi boy was quite taken with Donald.
Next, was an irresistable shot of Great Neice V's dress. This shot makes me wonder what sort of photos children with attention deficit disorders or autism might choose take...
How could I not show you this photo of my brother in law. Is Paparazzi Boy transfixed by the beard, d'yuh think?
Finally, Paparazzi Boy's big sister FAB got hold of the camera. Aged five, she too took many shots but she had a great muse. Great Neice V likes to pose and she knows how to make herself look very fabulous.
Oops sorry. Did that make you jump?

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Milla said...

what's great (and shown in all these cleavages! - ok, only one and a chest) is how low down children's photos are. Pretty obvious given their height but something that always strikes me when my F9 (unpleasantly) gets hold of my camera and goes a-strolling.

beth@thenaturalmommy said...

My favorite is The Beard. He so looks like he's in the middle of saying something. Great pics! (Like you deserve the credit ;-))

gigi said...

Cute post, love those blue eyes!

scrappysue said...

kids take pictures we adults would never think of! they use the most amazing angles. fun