Monday, June 23, 2008

One strangely lush runner is pink with pride

The news in brief, is that I ran 5km in about half an hour. I am a very happy as well as strangely lush runner.

I found the experience very inspiring. It's good to know that I can run among a crowd of people - though I'm sure at the starting line, women are less pushy than a mixed or male group of runners.

Plenty of people stopped and started, walked and strolled. I kept to my pace and ran the whole way round. The route was pretty flat, though by the end of the run my eyes were really itchy. A touch of hayfever wasn't helped by the rural route.

There will be photos - I started loading these at home, but left the house without remembering to hit the 'Done' button. Don't worry though - you WILL get to see how pink I went. I did think about you guys as I ran around, thank you for all your encouragement.

Oh - and if in doubt, I'm still happy to receive donations. I've got a few more coming in from work (off-line) so who knows, I might yet make that target.

See that? I made the target... and still counting. The company sponsored me £30 and other colleagues are chipping in. Very heartwarming.


scrappysue said...

i'm sure you will make that $$$ target, and YAYYYY!!! you did it!!! can't wait to see the pics!!!

gigi said...

Congrat's on accomplishing your goal!! Good Job! Well done.

Working mum said...

Congratulations! Bring on the piccies!

Reluctant Housewife said...

And I read all 9. Whew! I didn't comment on them all, though. Congrats again on the run. I'm going to the gym tomorrow morning, I promise (it will be amazing if I since I've only been once since we moved...) I want to be able to run 5k too. I don't think I could right now, to tell the truth - although I can walk forever. Running and me: we are not friends. But I want to be.