Monday, June 23, 2008

One strangely lush runner: the photos

WARNING: This post is going to ramble off in several directions, but if you can stick with it, I promise you some embarrassing photos at the end...

The weekend was action packed.

Almost every weekend is action packed because I begin with the premise that weekends are about doing nothing apart from watching old movies, eating chocolate and sipping from an elegant glass of wine.

Back in the real world, I make a great to do out of the little moments of fun.

Such as getting up early to go to church after a late night spent celebrating our friends' wedding on midsummer night.

What would seem like a drag to many, we turned into a triumph of get up and go energy. We will squeeze an adventure into every moment of the day, even if Recaro is slightly hungover.

It had been Peaches' first wedding and I'm proud to say she could have danced all night apart from when she fell asleep at 10 o'clock.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed (Peaches' at least) we ran around on Tankerton Slopes for a while. Recaro sat down, hiding tired eyes behind his sunglasses.

I had no idea until I down loaded the photos that the sky had looked so ominous.

We (Peaches and me, that is) were having a great time running in and out of the beach huts. The huts are on quite a steep slope. Now and then the small girl would run out of control. Very little house on the prairie.

After a light breakfast for me and a cooked breakfast for Recaro at Tea & Times, we raced off to Planet Thanet - as that little corner of England is desparagingly known - to the charity race.

Peaches had already had her breakfast in church - it's the foolproof way of getting her through the service. Some of you might think 'eating is cheating' but until all churches are like Graveney (see future post...) this is the way forward.

At the race, there was supposed to be a warm up. But the wind blew the sound the wrong way and the music cut out every few minutes. Since the music was provided by Invicta FM, the local radio station, I thought that was a wee bit embarrassing.

Talking of embarrassing, I'm now getting round to showing you the race photos.

Here's the before...

And here's where I get going. Don't you love that ponytail flying out behind me. Makes me look super fast.

This is me on the home straight. Yes, my trousers are a little too tight so on this occasion, I believe it's true that my bum does make my bum look big. And you might also notice that my feet aren't kicking quite so high off the ground as they were at the beginning.
Naturally, I was delighted to have finished. At least I didn't need dragging away from the finishing line like the lady behind me. She looks wrecked.
On that cheery note, we all went off for lunch at my mother in laws. (Yes I did shower and change. I'm house-trained like that). And in the afternoon, Recaro and I sunbathed and chatted in the back garden while Peaches slept for several hours.

It was an early night for everyone. I think a 5km run and lunch with one's mother-in-law is an exhausting combination.


scrappysue said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! i clicked on that photo and that woman is TOTALLY wrecked! you, on the other hand are totally glowing!!! what a great post. i'm now going to google tankerton and all those other fun sounding places.

where'd u get the cool new blog template? i keep hemming and hawwing about whether to change mine...

Sass E-mum said...

How kind.

The template is from the grossly named

Sounds horrible but don't be scared. There are lots of lovely templates to be had.

LaskiGal said...

What gorgeous shots!!! And yes, all of them :)

Woo hoo for finishing!!!

gigi said...

Way to go! you did it!!!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Yay you! You're great. Loved the photos. They're not embarrassing like you promised, though. But that's okay, I like triumphant photos too.

Love the new blog look BTW.