Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sisterhood of the strangely lush runner

There are so many fabulous women out there and I'm going to mention just a few them having an impact on my life right now.
  • Top of my list is ScrappySue for being so fabulously supportive of my charity run. I dare you to read her most fabulous post and not come back and sponsor me. I promise you'll feel rotten about yourself for a good five minutes if you don't.

'Hellboy' Peaches has got her big hand out for sponsorship.
  • There's also Bossy - who gives me yet another uplifting, celebrity-studded and humbling reason for getting that run done on Sunday.
  • And there's also a lovely work colleague who's all into running and has given me a load of very effective hip stretching exercises to make sure I don't mess my achy hips up. I love those moments when I finally ask for help - and I get told all the useful stuff I really need to know. She doesn't blog, but that's not going to stop me saying how cool she is.
So in the spirit of bloggy sistership I'll be doing that pesky run for all of you and if you happen to sponsor me, that'll be very lovely of you too.


Katney said...

You go girl!! I am not a runner but will walk 60 miles for Breast Cancer research again in September.

scrappysue said...

well, it's the least i could do! let's hope you make your target, and i will be thinking of you come sunday morning.


Reluctant Housewife said...

Good luck on your run!